Possibility of unveiling a new crisp party and exclusive game for PS5


Colin Moriarty, a well-known insider, says that Sony has managed to monopolize another big and crunchy party game on the PlayStation 5 console.

According to the latest game news, Colin Moriarty, A well-known PlayStation insider and former IGN reporter in the new episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, quotes his news sources as saying that in 2022, Sony is going to spend a lot more money on marketing PlayStation games. He concludes that the increase in funding is likely to mean that in addition to marketing the games it has already introduced, Sony plans to unveil big, new works that have not yet been announced.

Moriarty says Sony has reached an agreement with the makers of a big AAA game and Crisp Party to release it exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console. This insider, of course, does not reveal the nature of this unannounced game, and for example, we do not know its name, style or release date. But he points to rumors that the new Bioshock game from Cloud Chambers Studios is set to be somehow a PlayStation monopoly. If Moriarty’s new claim to increase the PlayStation marketing budget is true, maybe we should wait for the unveiling of this new and exclusive game this year.

Moriarty has a relatively good track record of leaking PlayStation news before it was officially announced. For example, before the introduction of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the remake of Demon’s Souls, he mentioned the existence of such games. However, as always, it should be borne in mind that this news was published from an unofficial source and it is not possible to be sure at this time. It is also worth noting that Sony has monopolized many crunchy party games on its consoles in the past; Works that may be released for the PC but have never been released on the Xbox. Some of these games include Nioh, Persona 5, the Final Fantasy 7 remake and Street Fighter 5. Now it seems that Sony intends to continue this trend during the PlayStation 5 era.

At the end, you Zomji users can share your opinions about this possible PlayStation 5 game with us.

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