Possible start of mass production of new PlayStation VR in the near future


According to a new report, it looks like Sony will soon start mass production of a new PSVR in partnership with GoerTek.

New information about Sony’s new PSVR 5 PSVR has been released by a Chinese source. The source claims that GoerTek has signed a contract to produce this product; The same company that partnered with Sony to build the first PlayStation VR and is responsible for supplying some parts of the PS5 console.

GoerTek shares have risen sharply recently. One of the successful collaborations of this company is the production of Quest 2 virtual reality headset for Meta company. Due to the limited number of semiconductor components in different parts of the world, the success of GoerTek’s factories in launching this number of video game products to the market seems really admirable. A Chinese source claims that during 2022, we will see the release of one to two million “new generation virtual reality headsets” by GoerTek, a “great Japanese partner”.

These explanations clearly lead the audience to the new Sony and PlayStation VR. Previous reports, while announcing the non-toxic hardware specifications of this high-end virtual reality headset, mentioned that it will be available in the 2022 holidays. So it is not surprising that Sony, for example, will launch the PlayStation 5 PSVR in December 2022 and expect to start selling it with two million units in that short period of time.

Sony PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan with a smile next to a virtual reality headset before the new PlayStation 5 version

Interestingly, some time ago we saw Digital Finder point to the excellent hardware specifications of the new PlayStation VR, and before that the official images of its categories were released, but we have not yet seen the official appearance of Sony’s new PlayStation VR. As a result, if production is really set to begin at China’s GoerTek plant soon, Sony is expected to launch a full product before it launches. Push Square reaffirms that, according to media sources, Sony has long made plans to fully unveil the new PSVR in early 2022. We have to wait and see when we will see this happen.

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