Possibly inspired by Star Wars Eclipse from The Last of Us


According to rumors, Quantum Dream may have been inspired by the story and gameplay of The Last of Us to make Star Wars Eclipse.

According to a Twitter user who revealed the images a week before the Star Wars Eclipse game trailer aired on Game Awards, Quantum Dream may have been inspired by the gameplay and story of The Last of Us. The Twitter user, called AccountNGT, claimed yesterday that Star Wars would be an open-world adventure game that includes a multiplayer section that Quantic Dream’s Montreal team is working on separately.

The Quantic Dream Paris team is said to be working on the cinematic, story, stage design and game engine. The user also claimed that development of the project began in early 2021 and that not all members of Quantum Dream in Paris were working on it. It seems that Star Wars Eclipse is still in the early stages of development, as it is claimed that the story of this game is still being written and the Montreal team is still working on prototypes of the gameplay to design the story and gameplay of The Last Of Us inspired.

In December, it was confirmed that Star Wars Eclipse was playing in the High Republic era. “Star Wars Eclipse is the first video game to be released in an unknown area,” said Quantic Dream Studios. Outer Rim In the High Republic period, known as the Golden Age Apart It is narrated. This game is based on the expertise of Quantum Dream in presenting deeply branched narratives and will go beyond their current level. “Player choices will be at the heart of the players’ experience, because any decision can have a significant impact on the storyline.”

In early 2021, Lucasfilm announced a partnership with Ubisoft to build a new open world game, which indicated that Star Wars IP would no longer be monopolized by Electronic Arts. Lucasfilm also recently announced an agreement with EA to make three new Star Wars games by Respawn Studios.

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