Praise John Carpenter for Halo Infinite


John Carpenter, the famous director of horror and sci-fi movies, has enjoyed the Halo Infinite experience and considers it the best game in the Hilo series.

The story section of Halo Infinite reached MasterChiff and Xbox fans some time ago and has been praised by various media and people during this time. John Carpenter, The famous American composer and director, is one of the newest people to admire the latest work of 343 Industries Studio and its story campaign section.

Carpenter is best known for making horror and sci-fi films such as Halloween (1978), Escape from New York (1981), The Thing (1982) and Starman (1984). The veteran filmmaker, who is in his 70s, recently tweeted the message: “Halo Infinite is a fun shooter, it has a beautiful and mesmerizing design, and it is the best game in the Hilo series.”

Hilo’s official account also praised Carpenter, thanking him in a tweet: “Thank you for visiting Zeta Hilo (Hilo Infinite’s original plan). “We are very happy that you joined us.” Carpenter is not the first important person to welcome MasterChef’s latest adventure. Marcus Leto, One of the creators of the Hilo series, who is currently working on the Battlefield series at EA, recently said that Halo Infinite has managed to “bring that Hilo magic back to the series.”

What do Zomji users think of Halo Infinite and John Carpenter? Share your comments with us.

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