Produced by Zorro, Gotham Knights and Supernatural Advance for the CW Network


The CW Network commissioned the production of the first episode of The Winchesters, Walker: Independence and Gotham Knights and wrote six screenplays for the Zorro series.

In the latest movie and TV news, we learned that The CW is trying to produce another spin-off of the fantasy drama series Supernatural. The TV network commissioned the production of the experimental episode of The Winchesters series, in which the adventures of Dean’s parents are modeled. Jensen Eccles And poison with the game Jerd Padalki Follows the Supernatural series; The series ended with the release of Season 15 in 2020.

The SIDW network has also given the green light to the pilot series of the spin-off series Walker: Independence and the pilot series Gotham Knights (The Knights of Gotham). Apart from this, the network has ordered six more screenplays for the drama series Zorro. Robert Rodriguez As an executive producer. The orders were issued while the owners of The CW, Warner Bros. and ViacomCBS, were looking to sell the network. Nexstar is also mentioned as a potential buyer of the network.

Supernatural characters in the forest area

The Winchesters series will be the third possible Supernatural spin-off to receive the green light for the production after the Bloodlines and Wayward Sisters series. Pilots of the previous two spin-offs were made during the airing of the original series, but they eventually did not receive a production license. The story of the new spin-off is narrated by Jensen Eccles, who will also be one of the producers of this spin-off series.

The Winchesters tells the unspoken and epic love story of John and Mary Winchester, who risk everything to save their love and the world. Robbie Thompson, The author of the series Supernatural, is writing the screenplay for this spin-off, along with Jensen Eccles and Daniel Eccles Chaos Machine Company is its executive producer. Chaos Machine is producing The Winchesters as part of its overall contract with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Film Studios.

The events of the series Walker: Independence take place in the nineteenth century, and at the center of the events, the adventures of Abby Walker follow a rich woman from Boston, whose husband is killed on their journey to the West. On a revenge mission, Abby meets Rawlins’s identity, which is a lovely revel in pursuit of a specific goal. They then settle in Independence, Texas; Where nothing is as it seems.

CBS Film Company is in charge of producing the Walker: Independence series. Simus Fahi He wrote the script for this TV show and wrote it with Anna Frick, Shared the Walker series. Both of them together Jerd Padalki، Dan Lane And Lindsay Liberator From Rideback Company and Laura Terry Pursued By a Bear also acts as the producers of this series. No further details are available for this spin-off at this time.

The CW series Gotham Knights

The CW series Gotham Knights has nothing to do with Warner Bros.’s upcoming game

Gotham Knights series چاد فایواش، James Stuttracks And Natalie Abrams, Has the authors of the series Batwoman as a writer, but its spin-off does not count. This TV series is based on the characters of Dysi, which is made by Bob Kane And Bill Finger They were created and have nothing to do with Warner Bros.’s upcoming game. After the death of Bruce Wayne, his disobedient stepfather unites with the children of Batman’s enemies, and they work together to kill the Dark Knight. As Gotham enters his most dangerous time, a group of fugitives can become the city’s next survivors.

The television division of Warner Bros. and Berlanti Productions will produce the Gotham Knights series. Chad Fivewash and James Stuttrax together Greg Berlanti، Sarah Shekter، David Madon And Natalie Abrams are the executive producers of the series. Danny Cannon He is the director and executive producer of the pilot episode of the Gotham Knights series.

Regarding the Zorro series, we must say that the CW network has moved away from its usual way of producing TV works by ordering 6 additional screenplays. Although no final decision has been made yet, additional scripts could pave the way for ordering the entire series instead of the script-to-series. The CBS drama series deals with the adventures of a young Latin woman who seeks revenge for her father’s murder. He joins a secret society and disguises himself as a rebellious version of Zorro.

This product is one of the two projects under production from Zorro. Wilmer Waldrama It was chosen by Disney to star in the version of Tele-Novella (a popular Latin American television series). Sean Terta, Robert Rodriguez and Rebecca Rodriguez They are writing the script for the CW series Zorro, and Rebecca Rodriguez is set to direct it. They are together Ben Silverman، Rodney Ferrell And Howard T. Owens From Propagate Jeff Clark، Eric Bromberg، جی ویزلدر And John Gertz, The owner of the Zorro franchise, acts as the executive producer of the project.

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