Production of live-action series Goosebumps for Disney Plus


Disney Plus Network has ordered the production of a 10-part series from the popular Goosebumps book collection written by R. ال. Issued Stein.

In the latest movie and TV news, we learned that a new series based on the Goosebumps novel series for the Disney Plus network is being produced. In April 2020, it was reported that a new series of popular books R. ال. استاین It is under production. According to Variety, Disney Plus Network has ordered the production of a 10-part series.

The Goosebumps novel series follows the adventures of a group of five high school kids who leave supernatural forces in their hometown. They must work together in the shadow of friendships and in spite of past conflicts and tensions to save the city and be informed of the secrets of their parents’ adolescence.

Nick Stoller And Rob Letterman Goosebumps is the writer and executive producer of the series. Nick Stoller will not only be the executive producer of the series on behalf of Stoller Global Solutions, but will also be directing the first episode. نیل ه. Moritz And پاون شتی From Original Film Company Carner Welch From Stoller Global Solutions and Evil Luchs And Caitlin Friedman Scholastic Entertainment is one of the other executive producers of the project. Sony Pictures TV is responsible for making this series.

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Original Film and Stoller Global Solutions are producing the Goosebumps series under their general television contract with Sony Pictures. نیل ه. Moritz produced two Goosebumps movies that hit theaters in 2015 and 2018. Rob Letterman took the lead on the first film in the series, directing Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Yes Sandal Did. The two films grossed more than $ 250 million worldwide.

Goosebumps novels, published by Scholastic Publishing, is one of the best-selling books in history. More than 400 million volumes of these novels are being published in English, as well as international editions in 32 different languages. There are currently more than 200 Goosebumps books in total, including major book collections, multiple spin-offs, and related book collections.

Disney Plus’s Goosebumps series is the second live-action TV adaptation of the series to air. The first edition aired in four seasons and a total of 74 episodes between 1996 and 1998. The series was an ontological work, each episode based on a different book from the Goosebumps collection. This is also the second TV adaptation of the works of R. ال. Stein counts that the Disney Plus network gives the green light to its production. The streaming service previously ordered the production of a series based on Just Beyond graphic novels, which in October 2021, its first season was presented to viewers in 8 episodes.

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