Production of one million PS4 by Sony in 2022


According to a new report, Sony plans to produce and ship one million PlayStation 4 consoles in 2022.

The lack of parts in the market continues to bother console manufacturers. As demand for the PlayStation 5 far exceeds Sony’s supply capacity, the company will also produce the PS4 in 2022. At one point, Sony wanted to finish production of the PS4 console by the end of 2021, Bloomberg reported. But given the circumstances, it decided to build and release about one million PlayStation 4s in 2022.

The chips used by the PlayStation 4 look much simpler than the chips used by the PlayStation 5. As a result, the production of about one million PS4s by 2022 will only lead to Sony launching more consoles in total. به‌گفت‌ی Daniel Ahmed, The number of PS4s produced in 2022 will be less than in any previous year, and with this one million PlayStation 4, Sony will probably want to meet the needs of several markets. He believes that by the end of production and after the complete cessation of production, sales of the PlayStation 4 will reach about 119 million consoles.

Bloomberg also said in an interesting part of its report that Sony’s overall increase in orders from manufacturers would lead the company to a better deal with them. In fact, Sony’s partners are expected to produce millions and millions of PS5 consoles in each case, and the addition of one million PS4s to their annual PlayStation order will make Sony a bigger customer for the factories and manufacturers in question.

While Microsoft and Sony face a serious challenge to produce Xbox X series | The Xbox S and PlayStation 5 are facing off, and highly profitable people are using bots to buy some of these consoles in bulk and sell them to the public at a higher price. It is now 14 months since the beginning of the 9th generation and still many people in different parts of the world can not easily buy these consoles at official prices.

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