Prx portfolio management code and its difference with ordinary stock exchange code


As you know, in order to start working in the stock exchange, every person needs to refer to the SJAM system and perform authentication to receive the stock exchange code, and without receiving this code, it is not possible to conduct stock exchange transactions.

After receiving the stock exchange code, a person can participate in stock exchange transactions to the best of his ability and knowledge, which is divided into two groups: direct and indirect; Now, if the investor intends to operate in the stock market through indirect and portfolio management companies, he will need to receive the prx portfolio management code. If you want to know what this code is and what its benefits are, follow us to the end.

What is prx portfolio code?

Regarding this code, we must say that all contracts concluded with the portfolio company will have the prx portfolio code; Now, if we look at this issue from the opposite perspective, we can understand that any contract code that starts with the prx code represents a contract related to portfolio companies. Portfolio companies are companies in which the capital of the company’s investors is managed by the portfolio. In fact, the presence of the prx code will be a sign and symbol of portfolio companies for accurate information of shareholders.

The difference between prx portfolio code and ordinary stock exchange code

As we said, in order to have a direct presence in the stock market, you must first register in the SJAM system and then receive a stock exchange code in one of the stock exchange brokerages, but this is while you have chosen the direct method of entering the stock market; That is, where buying and selling stocks and zero to one hundred stock exchanges is your responsibility. Now you will need to get the prx portfolio code when you want to invest indirectly through portfolio companies.

There are several revolving portfolio companies that investors open by selecting one of these companies that has an official license; In this case, the company in question trades and shares only the portfolio owners with the final profit and loss. Ordinary stock code consists of three Persian letters and 5 digits together, but the prx portfolio code starts with the prefix prx and this prefix is ​​a symbol for portfolio contracts.

How to get prx portfolio code

If you want to invest in portfolio companies, you must first get the prx portfolio code; To do this, first select one of the revolving portfolio companies and refer to the desired company with your identification documents and request the opening of an investment portfolio. At this stage, an amount is received from the investor as the registration fee, and then the company in question requests the prx portfolio management code from the stock exchange organization, so that this code can be sent to the investor in less than a week. Now that the prx portfolio management code has been sent to you, you can check and follow the contents of your portfolio anytime, anywhere.

It should be noted that all the steps that are to be done to receive the prx portfolio code in person and by referring to the portfolio company can be done by visiting the portfolio company website online, which will definitely save money and time. .

Benefits of receiving prx portfolio management and using Awake Economy portfolio services

  • The first advantage that we can name to get the investment code in portfolios is trying to keep the market calm and consequently more capital retention in the market. In fact, the presence of new investors in the stock market causes the market to waver, because upon hearing any news and rumors in the market, emotional behaviors and irrational sales are seen in the market, which affects the entire stock market.
  • You may also come across virtual signaling sites, some of which are just for profit and not for the benefit of the investor. These sites, along with some informal portfolios, sometimes create unfavorable conditions for the market, which increase the rise of investors to portfolio companies and, consequently, receiving the prx portfolio code reduces these unauthorized activities at the market level.
  • Another benefit of receiving prx portfolio management code is the increase in stock market analysis, because in this case, emotional behaviors no longer have a place for success in the stock market and give way to stock market analysis and knowledge. The long-term vision of the stock market is to bring success to those who work patiently in the market.
  • According to statistics available from the Exchange Organization, a large portion of stock market transactions are made with low amounts and by start-up investors; Now, if these investors are referred to the activities of portfolios with a long-term view, stock exchange transactions will definitely be revived. Reducing the core trading load is one of the benefits we can mention for getting the prx portfolio management code.

Time to receive prx code

As we said, in the beginning, the process of receiving the prx portfolio management code was such that the investor had to go to one of the portfolio management companies in the country and take the necessary steps to receive this code by presenting his identification documents. Now, the time for requesting the prx portfolio code from the portfolio company to the stock exchange organization usually takes one week; Sometimes, with the increase in requests, it is possible to increase this time to more than 2 weeks, but now, instead of manual methods, the electronic method is used to receive the prx portfolio code. The launch of the prx code issuance system has increased the speed of the process of issuing these codes, so much so that it is said that this process can be done in a few hours.

Concluding remarks

Activities in the stock market are done in two direct and indirect ways, among which one of the methods of indirect investment in the stock market is to deposit capital in the company of the Awakening Economy Portfolio. To open a portfolio in this company, you will need to receive the prx portfolio management code, which is known as a symbol for portfolio management contracts. All these steps will be done for you by the basket company.

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