PSVR2 Dedicated Horizon will change the definition of AAA virtual reality game


A former member of the Horizon series production team says that Horizon Call of the Mountain is changing the AAA definition in the world of virtual reality games.

Chris James, The former chief designer of the Horizon Forbidden West game world, is very excited for gamers to experience Horizon Call of the Mountain. Horizon Call of the Mountain, co-produced by Gorilla Studios and Firefighter Studios, is available on PlayStation VR 2; Sony’s new virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5 console.

Gamers have only seen a few seconds of the virtual reality game Horizon Call of the Mountain. We know that this work puts the player in the role of a new character. Although الوی We will meet in a part of the game. Chris James, who has worked on Horizon Forbidden West for three years and is naturally familiar with Gorilla’s other project, Horizon Call of the Mountain, told his followers that it has been a while since the game was released. So do not think that the new builders have gone for it.

Sony PlayStation VR2 Sense Handles PS5 Console

“I did not work on it,” he wrote of Horizon Call of the Mountain. But I promise you that this game will change the meaning of AAA for virtual reality effects. Amazing”. Prior to Sony’s official announcement of the PlayStation VR 2, there were reports that we would see more AAA games available than the previous PSVR.

However, if you enjoyed the Horizon Zero Dawn experience, fortunately you do not need to buy a Sony PlayStation VR2 and wait a long time to re-enter the Horizon world. Because Horizon Forbidden West game will be released on February 18 (February 19) for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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