PSVR2 support for PSVR games in an aura of ambiguity


Sony does not currently want to answer the question of whether the original PSVR games will run on PSVR 2.

Sony recently officially introduced a new version of the PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset called the PlayStation VR2. Although the company shared the technical specifications of its headset and controller, it did not disclose important issues such as its final appearance, release date and price. One thing that is not clear about the PSVR2 is whether the headset will support genuine PSVR games and be so-called Backward Compatible. Sony does not appear to be interested in answering this question at this time.

Steven Totillo Axios Media recently tweeted that it had asked Sony if the PlayStation VR2 had a compatible backward and if it would be available in 2022. Sony did not answer any of these questions, saying only that “there is nothing more to say right now.” On the other hand, Nick Baker, Co-founder of the XboxEra website, which also has a hand in revealing PlayStation-related news, has reacted to Totilo’s tweet.

Sony PlayStation VR 2 Sense Handles PS5 Console

Baker says his news sources told him about a year ago that the PSVR2 was not going to be compatible on the back; This means that the original PlayStation VR games will not run on the new headset. The insider, of course, emphasizes that this is old news, and that Sony may have added this feature to the PlayStation VR2 since then, or that it intends to add it after its release. According to Baker, it’s a bit strange that Sony wants to launch a product that is not compatible with the old “all that VR game”.

PlayStation 5 owners can now use PlayStation VR and its games on their console. However, if the PlayStation VR2 is not going to support the Backward Compatibility feature, it means that the PS5 owner will no longer be able to experience the Astro Bot Rescue Mission virtual reality game on the new headset, and the original PlayStation version will be required. Have VR.

The official logo of Sony PlayStation VR 2

However, it should be noted that Sony has not yet released any official news about this and the above is only unofficial or speculative information. Meanwhile, Sony unveiled Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first PSVR2 exclusive to be co-produced by Guerilla Games and Firesprite. A former member of the Horizon series production team also says that Horizon Call of the Mountain will change the AAA definition in the world of virtual reality games.

What do you think about Zomji users? Do you think Sony should add backward compatibility to PSVR2? Let us know what you think.

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