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In this article, I have written or collected more than 1005+ Pubg WhatsApp group links which makes you easy to find your favorite online mobile games ( PUBG Game). Many of you may need to find new friends to play PUBG games with them to know more about this game find a teammate or help or get help with new PUBG Strategies. Here you can join any PUBG Game groups based on your interest it’s for FREE

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What is PUBG?

PUBG ( players Unknown’s Battlegrounds), this game is an online game which becomes so popular since 2018. It becomes in the top 10 lists of the best games of the year. Teenagers and adults play this game around the world. Play store announced that this game has been download hundred of millions of times from this play store.

However, PUBG is a multiplayer game like you can join the game as a team or sperate which the players are playing in one island which contests 100 players at the time, you need to fight with them all to get the chicken dinner.

PUBG has 3 Mapes like Sanhok, Erangel, and Miramar, you need to choose one of them at the time. The rules and events made this game so interesting which everyone loves to play this game-like. 

Therefore, PUBG has a dynamic allocation of maps, every player has to search all the building to find the weapons, vehicles, and armor, Every player to be in the safe zone to not be encountered by the red zone, has to be combat and situational awareness in the game because it gives a time limit to and to be alive. 

PUBG has its own rule and regulations so how different from other games.

When you want to join a game, you have to follow the rule and regulation of the game, if you don’t you will be kicked off the game. While you join PUBG Game accept the rules.

  • You need to be 18 years or 18+.
  • Fighting not allowed.
  • Spamming not allowed.
  • Just PUBG gamers are allowed.
  • No changing of group makeover.
  • No abusing.
  • PUBG Game related chat and massage.
  • Be active PUBG Player.

PUBG Whatsapp Groups

PUBG WhatsApp Group 2020

In 2020 PUBG Game has brought many updates and changes so, you can face it while you play it regularly so here, I have provided 1005+ PUBG WhatsApp groups link for you to join them. These groups are free to join them any time when you want to play PUBG, in these groups you will learn how to be a better player and strategies of battle in it.

PUBG Whatsapp Groups Links

PUBG Mobile WhatsApp Group Link 2020

In 2020, There are many new WhatsApp links which you can join it for free so you can find and search many interesting groups in here . PUBG and RULES OF SURVIVAL WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS: Hello, companions, the popular WhatsApp bunch joins site return with an extraordinary WhatsApp bunch join joins. On this page, I am sharing PUBG WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS AND RULES OF SURVIVAL WHATSAPP GROUP LINKS on the off chance that you truly scanning for this sort of WhatsApp bunch joins, at that point you are in the correct spot should and ought to observe the gathering rules meet new individuals and offer your musings and questions.

PUBG Whatsapp Group Name

  1. Pubg Guru.
  2. Lone ranger.
  3. Death ghost.
  4. Big Daddy.
  5. Pro Pubg.
  6. Death Gun.
  7. Ninja GamerX.

PUBG Whatsapp Groups Links 2020

PUBG Mobile Whatsapp Group Links

Pubg Lover Tournaments:


PUBG Whatsapp Groups links Update

PUBG Whatsapp Group Name List India



PUBG WhatsApp group is free to join them and it is for free, here I am provided 1005+ PUBG WhatsApp group links for you. Every group has its own rule and regulation and you have to obey it.


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