Published the list of the top 10 games in 2021 in terms of the number of tweets


Twitter announced which games had the highest number of tweets in 2021.

It can always be informative and very interesting to publish global statistics, as audiences see themselves more and more so-called far and wide; So that the audience can have a broader view than before. We now officially know which games had the most tweets in 2021, and many people around the world talked about them on Twitter. It would probably be interesting for some to see Fortnite not ranked number one on this list.

  • 10- Fortnite game
  • 9- Project Sekai game
  • 8- Minecraft game
  • 7- Knives Out game
  • 6- Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • 5- Fate / Grand Order game
  • 4- Final Fantasy game
  • 3- Play! Ensemble Stars
  • 2- Apex Legends game
  • 1- Genshin Impact game

This list contains interesting information; From recalling the dimensions of the success of Genshin Impact, which has become one of the giants of the gaming industry, to emphasizing the satisfaction that Electronic Arts may have with the performance of Apex Legends. The power of Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing and Minecraft collections is also highlighted in the minds of many people with this list. In the meantime, many may not know that Sony Aniplex owns the Japanese game Fate / Grand Order and has just bought its studio.

E3 2021 had the most tweets among the 2021 video game events. A total of more than 2.4 billion video game tweets were published in 2021, and October to December 2021 was the busiest quarter in Twitter history in terms of the number of video game tweets. Japan, the United States and South Korea topped the list of “countries with the most gaming tweets”, respectively.

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