Ramdi contract with Tencent to build and release multiplayer coop game


Remedy Entertainment has signed an extensive contract with Chinese company Tencent.

Vanguard is the code name for a multiplayer co-op game that Ramdy started making some time ago. We now know that Tencent, as the owner of a few percent of Remedy shares, will be involved in the development and release of this free shooter game. Chinese company Tencent and Finnish company Ramdi recently signed a new detailed contract focusing on Vanguard.

This global agreement affects the development, licensing and distribution of the game. Ramdi stressed that Vanguard will not be an adaptation and will be a PvE (Enemy / Enemy Shooter) shooter. The creators believe that this free game is supposed to bring Ramdi experience in storytelling and action gameplay into the world of multiplayer games.

This game is made with Unreal Engine and Ramdi has the task of publishing it in many countries. Tencent, meanwhile, will localize the game for several Asian markets, where it will be known as the Vanguard publisher. Personal computers and consoles are supposed to be the main platforms of Ramdi Vanguard game.

Tencent Company Building

It looks like there’s a lot of time left until the game’s release, and its budget will be about the same as any other AAA project. Part of this funding will be provided by Tencent. They will also share the game revenue. Tencent is also producing a mobile version of the game. Ramdi confirmed that Vanguard is a GaaS (Game as a Service).

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