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Ranking of the highest paid movie actors in 2021

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Hollywood movie stars have different salaries. In 2021, which actor got $ 3 million for a movie and who managed to get $ 100 million?

The movie industry has been heavily dependent on stars since Hollywood peaked; Famous actors that people were willing to buy tickets for. Of course, now the concept of being a star in cinema, the studios’ expectations of a star and the genre of paying artists have changed dramatically. But these people are still there, and almost always a significant portion of a budget’s budget is spent on satisfying them.

Even if it is just out of curiosity, many would like to know which actor earned the most money in 2021. But the more important question is why he can receive such rights?

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The biggest Hollywood actors now have their own film companies; Companies whose main goal is to turn them into investors or at least members beyond the production team. With the help of these companies, many actors are actually paid far more than they are paid. How? The stars manage to sign a contract with a fixed salary and a variable salary. That’s why you hear that a famous actor’s salary for a role in a movie was about $ 25 million, and in the end he was paid $ 73 million.

How did this happen? Based on the fact that he is both an actor and the executive producer of the film. Part of the contract stated that if the film’s sales exceeded $ 1 billion, for example, he would receive one percent of the film’s cinematic revenue. What is the percentage of one percent of Avengers: Endgame with $ 2 billion and 797 million worldwide sales?

Now the game is changing. Screening windows (the time period during which the studio only broadcasts the film in cinemas) have become smaller than before, online networks continue to grow every day, and the audience no longer simply leaves home. So streaming platforms want to speed up the change in the Hollywood game. That’s why they need to satisfy some of the key players, the stars.

Actors who used to think more about “percentages” and “rewards” in their contracts than fixed salaries are putting pressure on online networks. These people say that we do not care if the film is not released, and at the same time, if the film was released, it could have sold $ 900 million. Under the former system, a movie grossing $ 900 million at the box office would greatly increase their salaries. But now there is no news about cinema income. So Netflix, for example, pays the actor so much that he or she suddenly changes his or her rewards, percentages, or any other part of his or her income.

One of the people on the list is not a person at all Scarlett Johansson His fixed salary for his role in Black Widow was paid in full before the start of 2021. But he made $ 40 million this year for this black video; To be satisfied that he does not complain to Disney about the movie being played on Disney Plus. Why? Because Johansson said that if Marvel’s Black Widow movie had not been aired on DisneyPlus online at the same time, it would have sold more than it does today. As a result, his income from movie sales naturally increased.

Of course, the old contracts have not suddenly disappeared and not all movies in the world are in the hands of online networks. For example, rights Tom Cruise As one of the highest paid actors in cinema in 2021, he can be far more than the announced number in the end. Because if Top Gun: Maverick shines financially, Paramount Pictures will have to pay a significant portion of Tom Cruise’s initial revenue.

As a result, when you look at the list, you have to keep in mind that the salary mentioned is in fact an amount that will undoubtedly be paid to the mentioned actor during 2021. But it is more or less always possible for the final salary to be higher than the fixed salary, given part of his contract; Especially if the person in question is starring in a movie that is not going to hit the home screen from the beginning. Of course, the release date of the film has nothing to do with paying the actor in 2021. As a result, the list of the highest paid actors in cinema in 2021 includes both the work that was released several months ago and the film that will be released in 2022.

Variety Media, as the main source of the table below, explains that some of the highest salaries in 2021 have been paid to actors so that they do not sue. Will Smith and Denzel Washington could sue Warner for King Richard and Little Things, respectively. They make up a significant percentage of their film’s cinematic revenue, and both works, unlike previous programs, have been available on HBO Max online since the day they were released. Many analysts also wrote that this led to a sharp decline in their movie sales. So Warner must win the hearts of the actors.

Without Remorse was originally owned by Paramount Pictures and was about to hit theaters. But Amazon bought the finished product in its entirety to stream video on Amazon Prime online. Michael B. Jordan did not have much pay for the film. But it was supposed to be if Without Remorse Reached acceptable movie sales, his salary also increased. So when there was no longer any plan for a detailed movie release, Amazon increased his salary to $ 15 million to clear the percentage and bonus sections of the contract.

The story does not end so easily. Actors are pushing online networks based on the rights they could previously get by appearing in a successful movie. At the same time, when signing contracts with studios for a movie with a movie release, they also say that if they go to work with an online network, they will receive a much higher fixed salary from the beginning. As a result, now that we are talking about which production studios and distribution companies we are talking about, the most famous movie actors have a fairly good chance of receiving huge sums of money.

The very serious battle between online networks to increase the number of their subscribers is also constantly igniting the fire. Streaming-based online networks have now turned to paying wages that have literally no direct financial justification. In fact, it is impossible for some of their costly projects to be profitable on their own. But the studio management team has a very long-term view of this strange expense. Netflix, for example, has often spent money on works that are seen by a very, very small percentage of network subscribers. But the bosses knew that those films would win numerous nominations and awards, which would increase the network’s credibility.

In this hustle and bustle, we see some relatively new and smart actors who are not in a hurry to get paid much. Ironically, by accepting much lower salaries than some of their competitors, they are increasingly attracting the attention of producers. For example, wages گل گدوت For Wonder Woman, the 2017 production was close to $ 300,000. But she made about $ 10 million for Wonder Woman 1984. When a movie is a huge success, the producer may have a strong desire to create a sequel. Then, since the studios usually can not go on to make the next episodes without the main actor, the famous artist suddenly grabs a powerful lever of pressure.

The highest paid movie actors in 2021

  • 18- Robert Pattinson For The Batman Warner: $ 3 million
  • ۱۷- Chris Pine For Paramount Dungeons and Dragons: $ 11.5 million
  • ۱۶- Keanu Reeves For Warner Bros. The Matrix Resurrections: $ 12 million to $ 14 million
  • ۱۵- Tom Cruise For Top Gun: Maverick Paramount: $ 13 million
  • ۱۴- Michael B. Jordan For Amazon Without Remorse: $ 15 million
  • 13- Brad Pitt For Sony Bullet Train: $ 20 million

  • ۱۲- Chris Hamsworth For Thor: Love and Thunder Disney: $ 20 million
  • ۱۱- Ryan Gosling Netflix for The Gray Man: $ 20 million
  • ۱۰- Sandra Bullock For The Lost City of D Paramount: $ 20 million
  • 9- Julia Roberts For the movie Leave the World Behind Netflix: $ 25 million
  • 8- Jennifer Lawrence For Netflix Don’t Look Up: $ 25 million
  • 7- Mark Wahlberg For Netflix Spenser Confidential: $ 30 million

  • 6- Leonardo Di Caprio For Netflix Don’t Look Up: $ 30 million
  • 5- Scarlett Johansson For Disney’s Black Widow: $ 40 million
  • 4- Denzel Washington Warner Bros. for The Little Things: $ 40 million
  • ۳- Will Smith For King Richard Warner: $ 40 million
  • ۲- Dwayne Johnson (Rock) for the movie Amazon Red One: $ 50 million
  • 1- Daniel Craig For Netflix Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3: $ 100 million
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