Record-breaking Games Done Quick event in public fundraising


The Awesome Games Done Quick event set an admirable record by raising $ 3.4 million and donating it to charities.

During the latest game news, citing published statistics, it was revealed that the Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 event was able to donate over $ 3.4 million to charities through public donations. This amount, donated to the Cancer Prevention Foundation, is the largest amount of public donations raised in the history of Games Done Quick events.

The annual Games Done Quick event is a place where spider runners (people who finish games in the shortest possible time) display their art to create some very interesting and spectacular content for those who are interested. Thanks to the compelling content of this year’s event, this year’s Games Done Quick Festival, called Awesome Games Done Quick, fortunately set a record for the fastest $ 1 million fundraiser in the history of the event.

SpeedRanner is experiencing Sciro's game with his eyes closed at the Awesome Games Done Quick event

The Awesome Games Done Quick event was held from January 9 to 16 (January 19 to 26) and broke the all-time record by collecting a total of $ 3,416,429. From Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in less than two hours to games like Stardew Valley, Kirby Super Star Ultra and I am Bread were some of the highlights of the event. Finishing Kena: Bridge of Spirits in 28 minutes was another spectacular performance of the event.

This year’s Awesome Games Done Quick event set a new record in the event’s ten-year history with 148 performances, 28,034 donor donations and 49,438 transactions as public donations. Over the past 12 years, the event has raised over $ 37 million through public donations and charitable foundations such as the Doctors Without Borders Foundation, the Cancer Prevention Foundation, the Autism Research Foundation, and more.

Following the Awesome Games Done Quick event, the Frost Fatales event for women Speed ​​Runners will be held from February 7 (March 8) to March 5 (March 5). The Summer Games Done Quick event is also planned for the 2022 summer, and the exact date will be announced as the time approaches.

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