Recruit in the Japanese studio Mutan to remake an RPG game for PS5


Game studio Mutan Insight is hiring to make a “remake of a high-level role-playing game” with Unreal Engine 5 for the PlayStation 5.

Japan’s Mutan, which has worked on Final Fantasy XV, the Blue Reflection series, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth and the Atelier series, is now hiring a remake. Mutan Insight Studios pointed to the creation of this role-playing game with Unreal Engine 5 and emphasized the high level of the project. The developers said that the product in question will be available for Sony PlayStation 5 and now they have to keep its name secret.

Japan Mutan Game Studio

Japanese game studio Mutan Insight will hire a 3D motion designer, a 3D art director, a 3D background design and a 2D character designer for this project. Based on the company’s track record, it can be speculated that the team members intend to present a remake of a Japanese role-playing game. Also, given that Mutan Insight has worked with several major companies in the past, it is not at all unlikely that this studio is merely one of the studios supporting a major remake. Currently, although the game news is officially discussed, we have very little information about the project and we have to wait until it is fully unveiled.

Is it possible, as the rumor has it, to actually see a remake of one or more episodes of the Chrono game series? Finally, Chrono Cross shines in Metacritic with an average score of 94 out of 100 critics, and Chrono Trigger has been selected by IGN Media as the best role-playing game of all time. Definitely a lot of players who are interested in JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) will be happy to present a quality remake of each of them.

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