Rejection of Spider-Man: No Way Home at BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that Spider-Man 3 will not be accepted for the BAFTA Film Awards.

In the latest movie and TV news, it has been revealed that the successful and very popular movie Spider-Man: No Way Home has not been accepted as one of the competitors in the BAFTA Film Awards. According to Deadline’s website, the delay in submitting Spider-Man is not a way home. In the time frame set by the BAFTA Academy for review in the first round of judging, the main reason for the superhero film’s non-acceptance at the event is in question. The creators apparently did not want to risk the leak of a high-quality, illegal version of the film.

However, Sony was apparently trying to get the BAFTA Academy jury to put the film on the BAFTA Awards. But the jury did not agree to Sony’s request. The judges said that because Spider-Man 3 movie with the game Tom Holland Not uploaded on the BAFTA View platform, they could only watch a two-minute trailer of the work when clicking on the “Play” option instead of watching the original movie. In response to the delay in sending the film within the announced timeframe, BAFTA has issued the following statement on the BAFTA View platform:

“Spider-Man: No way home, does not meet the eligibility criteria for the 2022 British Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards. As a result, it could not obtain an entry permit to compete in this sector. As per the rules, all films must be available to the jury before the end of the first round of judging on the BAFTA View platform. This law applies to all participants to ensure fairness among participants. “Spider-Man: No Way Home was not made available to the Academy by the time it was announced.”

Spider-Man with new clothes in front of Electro

Uploading films to the BAFTA View platform has been one of the main rules for participating in the BAFTA Film Awards competition since 2020 by the British Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The BAFTA 2022 Awards is now the first of its kind in which studios are not allowed to submit their work on DVD. They need to upload the movie to BAFTA View.

Following Sony’s move to send Spider-Man 3 to major film events such as the Academy Awards, the non-acceptance of this work at the BAFTA event is undoubtedly a sad event for the creators of this Marvel movie. As mentioned, Sony’s fear of having the digital version of the film stolen from the BAFTA View platform seems to have been the main reason for the superpower to delay sending the film. The digital version of Spider-Man: No Way Home will be officially available to all interested parties on March 30.

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