Release date of the new selectable character of the fighting game Guilty Gear Strive


Owners of the post-season Guilty Gear Strive will be able to experience the game through the bike character from February 29th.

In December last year, Guilty Gear Strive developer and publisher Arc System Works announced that the popular Bacon character would be added to the game in January. Also, some pictures of Bacon were revealed a while ago, which show his appearance in Gilt Gear Stereo. Now, Systems Arch has officially announced the release date of Bacon for this acclaimed fighting game with the release of a trailer.

Bacon will be available to users who have purchased the Guilty Gear Strive game on January 28th. Other users will be able to purchase the bike separately on January 31st. You can watch the trailer of the introduction of the Bacon character for the game Guilty Gear Strive on YouTube and share your comments with us.

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Bacon is not the only content that Arch System Works has prepared for Guilty Gear Strive. On the 8th of Bahman, a new mode called Combo Maker will be added to the game. In this mode, players can create their desired combos with their favorite character and share them with other players. Then you can watch the trailer of Combo Maker mode on Zomji. Guilty Gear Strive fighting game is available for gamers on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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