Release of 12 million Xbox Series X and S Series by Microsoft


Daniel Ahmed, a video game analyst, estimates that Microsoft has more than 12 million Xbox X series to date | Has released the Xbox S Series.

Based on the latest estimates Daniel Ahmed, Microsoft has shipped a total of more than 12 million Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series since the launch of the consoles. In October 2021, Daniel Ahmed estimated that 8 million Xbox X series | Xbox S Series released.

Phil SpencerThe Xbox boss recently spoke of faster sales of the Xbox X / S series than previous Microsoft consoles. Daniel Ahmed referred to his remarks and shared his new estimate with his followers. The analyst says that the release of the Xbox S Series ended in Microsoft’s favor in terms of total console sales. Not only is the Xbox S Series less expensive, but it can also be manufactured faster than the Xbox X Series due to the lower need for semiconductor components.

Microsoft has long since dropped the official announcement of the number of consoles sold and focused on other statistics. As a result, audiences are accustomed to pursuing such estimates by well-known analysts. At the same time, we know that Sony PlayStation 5 reached 13.4 million consoles at the end of September 2021. Whenever we look forward to Sony’s new financial report, we officially realize that several million PS5s have been sold by the end of 2021.

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