Release of a new mobile game from World of Warcraft in 2022


Blizzard plans to release a new game from the World of Warcraft series this year for mobile platforms.

Since 2017, there have been rumors that a mobile version of the popular World of Warcraft game series will be made. Now, according to the latest game news, Blizzard has announced in its latest quarterly financial report that a new game from this MMORPG series will be available to mobile users in 2022. The company says it plans to release significant content for the Warcraft series this year, including new experiences from World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and a brand new Warcraft game that will be released for mobile gamers for the first time.

Blizzard recently confirmed that it was working on several mobile games from World of Warcraft; The announced games have made a lot of progress by August 2021 (August-September). Blizzard, however, did not mention the details of this new mobile game in its financial report, and for example, we do not know in what style the work is made or which element of the fantasy world of Warcraft is used in it. However, according to a rumor, it is possible that the mobile game Warcraft, like Pokémon Go, was developed based on augmented reality technology.

Warcraft is not the only Blizzard series with mobile versions to be released in 2022, as Diablo: Immortal is also scheduled for release this year on Android and iOS platforms. It also looks like the “noticeable content” that Blizzard is talking about may actually be new updates and add-on packages for the Warcraft suite. Another possibility is that Blizzard, after poor performance in Warcraft 3: Reforged to provide a quality experience, intends to build a new warcraft in a style other than MMORPG.

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