Release of a new poster for the Halo series; Determining the time of playing the official trailer


Paramount Plus recently released a new poster from Halo series has confirmed the release date of the new and official trailer of Hilo series.

December of this year Microsoft and Paramount Plus released the first trailer of the Halo series during the Game Awards 2021, which attracted the attention of Hilo fans. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, A new poster of this long-awaited series has been released. As expected, the focus of this poster is on the character of Mr. Chief, in which we see the display of this popular Xbox character. Below you can see the new poster of Halo series:

New Halo series poster to announce the release date of the series trailer

Paramount Plus also confirmed that the full and official trailer for Halo will air Sunday night (Monday morning, Tehran time) between the two halves of the AFC Championship Game or the American Football Conference. The events of the series Hilo take place in the 26th century, when humanity enters a war with an alien threat called Coventry. During this series, we are going to see emotional, epic, action, adventure and vision stories from the future.

Pablo Schreiber In the role of Mr. Chief, Jen Taylor In the role of Cortana, Natasha McElhoun In the role of Dr. Holsey, Bukim Woodbin, The Irins, The Great Night, Bentley Kahlo, Natasha Kolzak, Danny Sapani, Olive Gray, Charlie Murphy and Kate Kennedy, They are among the actors who have appeared in the Halo series and have played roles. Kyle Killen And Stephen Kane, They have been in charge of the first season of Halo, and both of them are not going to return to make a possible second season of Hilo.

The first season of Halo is scheduled to air in 2022 on Paramount Plus. The first season of Hilo is expected to be produced in 10 episodes. Steven Spielberg is the producer of this series. There have also been rumors that the Halo series has been extended for a second season, but Paramount Plus or Microsoft have not yet confirmed the news. Although Hilo is an adaptation of the game series of the same name, but it has an independent story and we will not see a story connection between the world of the series and the game.

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