Release of the new Gwent Witcher game in 2022


IGN Media announced in an exclusive report that this year we will see the release of a new and separate single-player game based on the Gwent World Witcher card game.

According to the latest game news and according to an exclusive report by Aijian Media, which was confirmed by the official GWENT account an hour ago, in 2022, Cidi Project Red Studio will present a new work to gamers; A single player game that you do not need to buy any of the other Witcher games to experience. In fact, this new game, supposedly codenamed Project Golden Nekker, is not supposed to be another DLC.

This new Witcher card game is being prepared by the Gwent development team and, according to IGN, wants to provide the player with an engaging experience. Aijian also shared 6 artwork from the project with the players; The images, four of which probably show some of the new game cards from the Polish company CD Projekt, codenamed Project Golden Nekker.

Desktop art image in Witcher new card game

Gwent was originally a popular mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and was later introduced to gamers as a separate multiplayer card game. Then came The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker as a spin-off of Gwent and was widely acclaimed. Project Golden Nekker will be different from the aforementioned works. The development team wants to present this new game to people for whom the single player experience is more important and valuable than the competitive multiplayer game.

This card game has been being tested for several months, and CD Project has already mentioned it. According to one of the creators of this game, who is very interested in it, this video game will be unveiled soon. Aijian says that we may see the release of a new game in October this year.

The relatively crowded old environment in the artistic image of the new Witcher card game

Apart from the new single-player card game that can be attractive in its kind, we know that during the second quarter of 2022, we will see the release of the 9th generation version of Witcher 3. Update to the 9th generation version is free for 8th generation owners and PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series | Xbox Series S and PCs have been introduced as the target platforms for the 9th generation version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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