Release of the Resident Evil Village game expansion pack in 2022


In a new post, Capcom talks about future Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise expansion packs.

According to the latest game news, Capcom recently posted a post on the Famitsu Magazine website on the occasion of the start of the new year, in which it talks about the expansion packs of the two games Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise. This post, translated by Siliconera’s website, indicates that the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak add-on pack will be released in the summer of 2022.

The DLC is currently in development and is set to add new and old monsters to the action-packed series. More details on the Sunbreak add-on package will also be announced this spring. In addition, Capcom has reiterated that the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise will be available to players via the Steam Store on January 12th (January 22nd).

Capcom mentions about Resident Evil that it wants to present the games in this series in different ways so that more players can enjoy their experience. Capcom, of course, does not mention a specific platform here. However, it can be concluded from this that the Japanese company intends to release remastered or remastered versions of the old Evils in the near future.

The Monster Hunter Rise character is hunting monsters

We know that the Resident Evil 4 remake is one of those games that is rumored to be under construction from various sources, and it is likely that Capcom will unveil it at some point. Capcom, on the other hand, only mentions that Resident Evil Village is scheduled to receive an add-on package in 2022, and has not shared any other information. It is worth mentioning that in June of this year, they also announced that they are working on the DLC of Resident Evil Village.

The post also states that 2022 will mark the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter and Mega Man. Of course, Capcom has not specified what plans it has to celebrate these dates; For example, does he want to organize a special event or publish a new version of these collections on that date? In this regard, rumors and unofficial reports indicate that the latest game Street Fighter will be released in 2022.

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