Remove Photo Mode Crysis games at the request of Crytech


The photo mods of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3, which were made by a fan, were made available at the official request of Crytech Studio.

Recently, during the latest game news, it was revealed that the unofficial photos of Photo Mode, the remastered versions of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 games, which were made and released by a fan, were made available at the official request of Crytec Studio.

VGC Blog Report, Frans Buma (Frans Bouma), known for designing “photo mods” for various games, after receiving an official letter from Adam Greensell (Head of Kritek Marketing Department) Photo Mode deleted the aforementioned works from their personal pages. A letter from Crytech stated that if within the next seven days [هفت روز پس از ارسال ایمیل] If the mentioned items are not deleted from the manufacturer’s Patreon page and other internet sites, Crytech will pursue this issue through legal means.


According to Kritek, this case is against the provisions of the “User License Agreement with the Author” or the EULA, which apparently mentions in this contract the illegality of manufacturing and supplying various materials for the works of Kritek. VGC writes in its report that François Bouma initially told Critique that the material he created only works with code created by Bouma and that none of the assets in the Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 games were used.

In response to Bhuba, Kritek also stated that the reason for their request to remove the mentioned items was stated in the letter they sent, and that Buma should make the payment gateways for the sale of these items unavailable as soon as possible. In this letter, Kritek sends the following reply to Buma:

“We hope you understand that we eagerly appreciate the support and support of the fan community. But we must balance this issue with the protection of our copyright. “Technically, the production and distribution of material for each of the Crysis Remastered games means that the user’s license agreement is breached by the author of Crytech.”

Crysis Remastered Trilogy game wallpaper

In response to the case, Buma tweeted that the case had been leaked to social media, saying:

“I have made more photomodium material than anyone else on the planet. Even more than the games for which Nvidia itself has officially made the NVIDIA Ansel service available. I always received enthusiastic messages from game makers whose photoshoots helped me promote their work for free (sharing pictures of games via photomods on the internet = indirect advertising for the product), but it’s critical! “They like to shoot themselves in the leg!”

With all these margins, however, François Bouma finally complied with Crytec’s request and made the mentioned materials inaccessible. The director of social media, Crytech, also announced in a post on the Reddit community that the incident led to a misunderstanding and apologized to Buma.

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