Remove the counterfeit Unpacking version from the stores after the game developers protest


A counterfeit version was removed from digital stores after the developers of the standalone Unpacking game protested its release.

Unpacking can be considered one of the fascinating independent games of 2021, which fortunately in its kind was able to attract the attention of some gamers. Unfortunately, some profiteers abused the appeal of this game and went to make and release a clone of it in the App Store. When the fake version was experienced by a significant number of players on mobile, the independent game development team Unpacking protested, saying it was demoralizing.

Then, when more people found out what had happened, the Unpacking clone, called Unpacking Master, was eventually removed from digital stores. Witchbeam Games Studios said that many Unpacking fans have informed the creators of this standalone product that Unpacking Master has been able to increase the number of its players with a lot of advertising on TikTok; Especially since Unpacking is not available on iOS and Android, at least for now.

“We just wanted to thank you for your shocking support,” the production team wrote to the fans. Your support means a lot to us. Apple removed that software from the store. Thank you for caring about our game. The software was also removed from the Google Play Store; “Thanks to everyone who reported it as a fake copy.”

Kitchen in the game Unpacking

Recently, the creators of Outerverse reported that an NFT-centric scam exploited items belonging to their standalone effect. Undoubtedly, it is sad that independent game developers have to deal with such challenges; Without having significant financial power to legally fight fraudsters and profiteers. In such a situation, they can only rely on the support of the people, and it seems encouraging that the supporters are working together to prevent more and more profiteers.

“Unpacking is a work that starts out as a very ordinary and even simple puzzle in terms of difficulty, but over time, it shows that Its purpose is not necessarily to challenge the audience with the various puzzles that place him in the life story of a character whose face we neither see nor hear, but thanks to the clever characterization of the game, which is based on this person’s connection to his equipment, perfectly with We will empathize with him. Unpacking in this way captures the story of this character in his relocation to new homes and is a short but extremely relaxing experience with a clever story that in the end, leaves a good feeling in the gamer and that is enough to safely experience at least “He offered it to everyone at once.”

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