Resident Evil Village received the Steam Game of the Year award


Steam recently presented his awards in 2021. Capcom has won the Best Game of the Year award with Resident Evil Village.

With the start of the Steam discounts on New Year’s Eve, the Steam Awards event was also held, and users who had already nominated their nominees could vote for the final nominees for each episode of the event. The winner of each section of the 2021 Steam Awards has just been announced.

More precisely, each year, with the start of the Steam Fall Discounts, the first phase of the Steam Awards begins, and players can choose their preferred game for each category (users can not select a duplicate game for the intended segments). In the meantime, the games released in the same year naturally have more priority. But in some categories we also see the presence of older games. Then during the winter discounts or the New Year holidays, the final candidates are selected and Steam users can vote for their favorite game.

During the Steam Awards, Deathloop won Best Creative Gameplay, and Forza Horizon 5 won Best Dazzling Visual Award. Below you can see the full list of awards in Zomji and share your opinions with us.

Award Game name
Game of the year Resident Evil Village
Game Virtual Reality Year Cooking Simulator VR
Labor of Love Terraria
Better experience with friends It Takes Two
The most stunning visual effect Forza Horizon 5
The most creative gameplay Deathloop
The best game in which you are challenged Nioh 2 The Complete Edition
The best soundtrack Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
The deepest story Cyberpunk 2077
The most relaxing game Farming Simulator 22
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