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8 Best & Amazing Responsive Design checker Tools in 2022 |

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with the popularity of mobile devices and smartphones, the request for responsive websites is more ahead than ever. unlike in the past, building and making a website for your desktop is not enough. you need to take care of your viewers and readers who are using mobile and tablets to read your blog. These days day by day more websites accept the responsive layouts and it will increase as the users increase. however, some websites are not optimized and responsive for mobile devices. so what will be the problem? here the best & amazing responsive design checker tools will help you.

for example, if you are using Microsoft word it looks the same on every personal computer or PC. imagine taking the Microsoft word as it runs on your desktop, and seeing it on iPhone 4. the buttons and menus will be small and tiny, or you can see only a corner of the screen.

to solve and fix such a problem is called responsive design, it is a technique to display the web pages on all devices (tablets, mobiles and etc….). or in another hand, the responsive design is one website or one page for every screen.

How to test a responsive website

the responsive test means the testing of the website from different devices. as it is not possible to test the websites completely because at that time will need different systems for different screen sizes.

the easy way for a responsive test is to resize the browser window and will see the changes. some browsers like chrome have software like emulators which help you see the changes in screen size.

Note: an emulator is software that enables the host computer to behave like a guest computer. even the emulators can not give you the exact environment for testing.

when we are testing a responsive website we will face many challenges that we should overcome the challenges. testing a responsive website is really important for the future of mobile applications.

Tips for responsive website

  • when testing a responsive website you should be careful of the design compatibility like image alignments, texts, padding and etc… in all browsers and operating systems.
  • during the testing of a responsive website, you should be aware of how to test on multiple devices at different breakpoints. otherwise, it can be corrupted.
  • for testing a responsive website the coordination between the developer and tester must be and the developers should help the testers.
  • check that web pages are readable at all resolutions or not. even if we resize the browser to mobile screen size, the content should be readable.
  • the important content of the responsive website should be visible for all breakpoints, even if we change the browser size to mobile screen size. then the main text, main photos, and menu should remain the same.
  • all areas of the responsive website like (buttons, menus, and links) should be suitable for clicking while the browser size is changed.

amazing tools for testing your responsive web design

1-Comparium the best testing tool

it is an online tool that renders the pages on different platforms and changes them to screenshots. this can be compared in different helpful modes. there is live testing too, but this app focuses on screenshots.

Comparium is an affordable responsiveness tool and also has flexibility, more platform support, and high utility.

visit Comparium:

How to use Comparium:

  • sign in or sign up. and there is a free plan to test.
  • copy the URL and paste it into the search box.
  • set and select the browser or OS where you want to test.
  • Click the create screenshots. and continue the process.

price: 1000 screenshots and 40 live testing session per month is free.

picture of comparium

2-Screenfly testing tool

it is an interactive tool. you can have live website testing with different resolutions and screen sizes, although it doesn’t consider system specifications. it is commonly used for singular tests.

Visite Screenfly:

how to use Screenfly:

  • Enter the website address.
  • Select the device and screen size from the list.
  • Use your site at the resolution you selected. estimate the usability.

price: free.

picture of screenfly

3-Resposinator testing tool

it is not a complete responsive testing tool, it only gives you a view from different screen sizes. Resposinator is very similar to Screenfly from concept and execution.

Visite Resposinator:

How to use the Resposinator testing website tool:

  • copy the URL of your page and paste it.
  • you will see it in different screen sizes and configurations in Screenfly.
  • test your site with all resolutions.

price: free.

picture of resposinator

4-Browserstack commercial testing tool

BrowserStack is a very advanced tool. and designed for large scale. and commonly used by expert people. it is not cheap, the cost increase over time, and you need skills to use it. if you are a project manager, there will not be very hard to introduce, otherwise, it will not be easy.

visit BrowserStack:

How to use BrowserStack testing website tool:

  • sign up and sign in.
  • select responsive from the product tab.
  • copy the URL and paste it.
  • select the device which you want to probate to the test.

Note: this is a basic test that you can do there. for the deepest and large tests, you will need the knowledge to run.

price: to test on mobile and desktop 39$ per month.

picture of browserStack

5-CrossBrowsingTesting: test in a large amount

CrossBrowsingTesting is checking the compatibility of programs and applications in different browsers and also checking that applications work correctly with the browsers. so we have to make sure that our application works on multiple browsers, just testing our application in one browser is not enough.

simply CrossbrowsingTesting is a process that tests web application work across multiple browsers.

visit CrossBrowsingTesting:

How to use the CrossBrowsingTesting tool:

  • Register. you will need a corporate email address.
  • Enter the URL of your page.
  • Select the version of a browser and an OS.
  • Run the test. after that, you will have debugging and developer tools options.

Price: 29$ per month for any user.

picture of cross browsing

6-Chrome Developer tools

chrome is a google. creation, chrome support web development. it has its own responsiveness testing tools for DIY developers and professional developers. this is easily accessible and free, but they are slow and maybe not good for bulk testing.

visit chrome developer tool:

How to test with chrome developer tools:

  • Right-click anywhere on the site and select the inspect from the design menu.
  • Click the toggle device toolbar in the upper left corner.
  • specify the screen size and resize it.

price: free.

picture of chrome developer

7-Responsive Design Checker

this tool lets you check and see your website on different devices like smartphones mobile, and tablets in all screen resolutions.

visit Responsive checker:

how to test responsive design checker:

  • copy the URL of your site and paste it into the responsive design checker.
  • select the device you want to preview or let to select all devices.
  • compare previews of your website for more checking.

price: free.

picture of responsive checker

8-Am I Responsive responsiveness design tool

this site is a simple website where you can add the URL and check the responsiveness on the screen. it doesn’t work very deeply, but it’s free responsiveness checker tool and really easy and it does enough good job.

visit Am I Responsive:

How Am I Responsive work:

  • enter the URL of your website.
  • Press the go button.
  • see the result of responsiveness.
picture of am i responsive

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