Retirement of Microsoft’s Age of Empires 4 after three decades of operation


Shenn Laftis, a longtime Xbox member who has worked on the series for 29 years, has just announced his retirement.

According to the latest game news, Shenn LaftisThe veteran gamer, who has worked at Microsoft for nearly three decades and has worked on many games such as Fable, Project Gotham Racing, Banjo Kazooie and Nuts and Bolts, has just announced his retirement and left the Xbox lineup.

Laftis recently co-directed Xbox World’s Edge Studios, which helped Relic Studios build the acclaimed Age of Empires 4 game; The work, according to Microsoft, was the fastest-selling of all the games in the Kings Age series, and new content is set to be released in the long run.

Laftis has worked for Microsoft for 29 years and is a key member of the Xbox team. After his separation, now Michael Mann (Not to be confused with director Michael Mann), senior producer of Age of Empires 4 has taken over as director of World’s Edge Studios. Laftis has also published a message about his retirement, parts of which are as follows:

“After 29 years at Microsoft, I decided to retire so I could spend more time with my family and doing my favorite activities, and play better. “I can not say how valuable it was for me to be able to play a part in making the fourth version of Age of Empires in these five and a half years.”

Former Xbox member Shenn Laftin retires

“The Xbox is a wonderful environment in which we can turn our dreams into action,” he said. From Phil SpencerMatt Buti and Aaron Greenberg From the Xbox PC game team and the Microsoft Store team and Volvo have all been very supportive during this time. “I always told myself I had to say goodbye at the peak of my career at Microsoft and now I was in the best position to retire.”

Laftis also noted that Age of Empires IV will host a major update next spring that will add new content and modes to the game. In addition, updates for the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 2 and Age of Empires 3 will be available at the same time. Phil Spencer also reacted to the separation of Shen Laftis in a Twitter message, saying that working with Laftis was “one of the most enjoyable and productive parts of his entire career.”

Other people on the Xbox have also expressed their feelings about Laftis leaving. The Windows Central website has spoken to some of these people and says that all of them have praised the experienced game maker and his colleagues emphasize that Laftis was a great leader and cared a lot about the audience and that he was the one who shaped the Xbox. He played an important role today.

What do you think about the separation of this veteran game maker from Xbox? Share your comments with us and other users if you wish.

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