Return bug invisibility of characters in Warzon game


The invisible character skin bug, which seemed to be gone with the recent Call of Duty: Warzone update, has reappeared in Warzone.

According to the latest game news, Call of Duty: Warzone users have recently reported an annoying bug that was previously seen in this Battle Royale game, and Raven Software recently fixed it by releasing a patch. The bug was first seen on Francis operator Awoken skin, causing the user using the skin to be invisible from certain distances. It is worth mentioning that the players could get the Awoken skin from the battle after the first season of Varzon and when they reached the level of 100.

Now it seems that the Activation update was useless and the bug invisibility of the characters has spread to other skins. A Reddit user posted a clip of the bug and shared it on CODWarzone. In this video, we see one of the enemy characters, whose body has become invisible, although his hat and weapon are visible. What makes it more difficult to identify him is that he is running in a crowded, leafy, bushy background. You can watch this short clip below.

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Raven Software, developer and supporter of Call of Duty: Warzone, says it is aware of the problem and urges users to be patient until a solution is found. “Please be patient to address this issue.” Raven Software recently unexpectedly announced that it wants to downsize its quality assurance department, and is downsizing.

In fact, on January 28, the studio wants to extend the contracts of 12 quality assurance employees and end their cooperation with them. It was after the announcement that many employees of the American studio, in addition to other Activision Blizzard employees, went on a nationwide strike to protest the decision, which is still ongoing and has entered its fourth week. As a result, operations at RenoSoft are currently not on schedule and the day-to-day operations are disrupted.

What do you think about the invisibility bug of the characters’ skins? Have you encountered a similar case in Varzon? Let us know what you think.

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