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Inscryption will slow down a bit after its storm starts, but it is still one of the strangest and most engaging games of 2021. Be with the game review.

Inscryption was one of the relatively low-noise games of 2021 that was released late. This game was made by Daniel Collins and its publisher is Digital Diwali. Honestly, Inscryption is one of those games that may not seem so appealing at first glance, but before we talk about its strengths and weaknesses, I have to point out that Inscryption is by far one of the most diverse and engaging games on offer. It is the year 2021 that the creativity and genius of its creator can be clearly seen everywhere in the game.

But what exactly is Inscryption and why do we praise it so much? The fact is that Inscryption is less like any other game! The game starts from the very beginning in a very mysterious and strange way. First, you start from a dark hut; A cottage with strange objects in the corners and a table in the corner where the person behind you will ask you to play a card game with him. This may also confuse us that Inscryption is a card game; While this section is just one aspect of the build Daniel Collins Inscryption, in its simplest form, is a combination of several different styles, one of which is the card style.

Scary man in the game Inscryption

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true magic of the game comes in! In such a way that with each move, you reach a house where a new story awaits you. For example, a battle house may show you a card with an enemy. In other cells, you can choose from three different cards and add them to your card category, and others like this, which are very diverse and add a lot of depth to the overall Inscryption process. This part of the game, in total, consists of three different environments, each with a selectable path, at the end of each environment, a boss is waiting for you and you have to defeat him in a card competition.

But it gets more interesting when you lose and die for the first time in battle with one of the bosses once or twice in battle with ordinary enemies. In this case, the game will show several other aspects for the first time and you will find that first you are with a work that has traces of Ruglake style and after each death, you have to go back to the beginning and start your journey again on the map. do; Of course, given that the overall path and the houses in it change randomly each time, you are not going to experience a repetitive experience. In addition to this aspect, you will realize that your job in this dark and eerie hut is not just to sit at the table and play cards with another strange person; Instead, you have the opportunity to get up from behind the table, and it is here that you will realize that this cottage itself is like a puzzle, and there are various puzzles hidden in the corners that you must solve.

Inscryption game map

So far, we have realized that Inscryption is firstly a card game, secondly, it has a rogue-like mode, and after each complete death, we have to start from the beginning of the path, and finally, the game has prepared puzzles and riddles for us to do in the cottage. Let’s solve them and find out their secrets. With that in mind, let me just say that honestly combining these with each other, in the first few hours of Inscryption, makes the experience strangely enjoyable, and even if you die over and over again and start over, you keep sounding. It will emphasize in your mind that “try your luck again” and it will be really hard to get discouraged and get up from the game.

This happens for a variety of reasons; The simplest reason why Inscryption creates so much space, and the combination of curiosity to find out what awaits us at the end of the map with the mysterious space of the cottage itself and what the outcome of solving its puzzles will be, is your primary motivation to repeat several times. It’s. But more importantly, the gameplay is very attractive in this part of the game, which can literally be called addictive. The Inscryption maker puts a fun card experience at the heart of the game, and the random elements and choices along the way add to the appeal of the card experience; Even if a small part of your success and failure depends on luck.

Fight in the red room in the game Inscryption

The card experience provided in Inscryption is that instead of making a bunch of cards each time you play, you start with a number of default cards. During battles, you will need resources that include blood and bones to use your cards. For example, if a card requires two bloods, you must sacrifice two of the cards in your field to be able to use it. These are the simplest creatures to sacrifice squirrel cards that do not require a special resource to play themselves, and are the main cards that you must sacrifice to play stronger cards. Bones are also obtained by sacrificing other cards or killing them by rival cards, and a series of cards require a certain number of bones to be usable. Your overall goal in the game is to hit the opponent hard enough by playing the cards correctly so that the scales on the table weigh down on him and the opponent’s cup hits the ground; If the final hit is too much, the extra will be available to you in the form of game money.

But what adds a lot of depth to the Inscryption card experience is the presence of the same boxes across the path and the changes they can make to your style of play and your hand of cards. For example, one of the houses is a sculptor, whose power you can use by combining two pieces and building a single sculptor. For example, on one occasion when I experienced the game, the statue caused my squirrel cards to return to me after being killed or sacrificed, and as a result, I had an endless source of resources to play the cards! Of course, this is one of the reasons I mentioned that sometimes success in the card game experience depends on luck. In another example, there is a house on the way to which you can sacrifice one of your cards and in return give special power to another of your cards.

Card upgrades in Inscryption game

The house for the man who sells animal skins or the tribes that can increase the level of health or the impact of one of your cards are other examples that change the style of play and the player’s card hand, and the variety of these small details in the game is so great that New challenges are constantly created for the player and trying to adopt the right strategy according to the existing card hand is a factor that makes the Inscryption experience special each time, and as a result, no matter how many times you have to repeat the experience, you will not get tired of it. شد. The puzzles in the cottage are just as well designed, and especially the reward you get from solving them makes this section very valuable.

Another very interesting case with Inscryption occurs when you can, after hours of trying, finally reach the end of the third area of ​​the map on the table and even defeat the final boss; It is here that you will realize that everything you have experienced so far, and may have lasted for hours, is only part of the overall Inscryption experience. It is only here that the game surprises the audience with a very interesting story twist and shows that it has prepared good surprises in terms of storytelling as well. But with all these compliments, what does the first sentence of the review mean? Honestly, getting to this part of the game and leaving all these wonders behind is the same, and the strange fall of Inscryption in the next few hours is the same!

Choose from three cards in Inscryption

I do not intend to spoil the details of the game, and for this reason, even the images in the review are all from the same original part, but it is okay to say that Inscryption actually has several different parts, which after defeating the boss related to that cottage environment, a new Part of it ends, and in the next part, the game experience changes strangely. In fact, Inscryption seems to take away all those lovely features that attracted us to the game in the first part, and in the next part, it turns into a work with a different atmosphere, which is a very high volume of new items introduced in this part and changes that To the first part, they make it impossible to enjoy the experience of this part of the game as it should. In fact, while the audience, after going through the first part and experiencing it, the entertaining process is thirsty to continue the same core of the card in a new space with new features, Inscryption in the second part provides a completely different experience, even if with It’s no problem to be different, it also lacks the charm of the first part independently.

Of course, after a few hours, Inscryption goes back a bit to its originality, but what happens in the middle, blows its blow to the overall experience of the game, and even apart from the gameplay discussion, that evocative and impressive atmosphere of the first minutes is further damaged. This is the main reason why we can not consider Inscryption as a perfect and complete experience, but even with such a problem, it still makes Daniel Collins It is one of those games that has the spirit of video game in a great way and offers a pure entertainment.

Bass Fight Inscryption

Inscryption has no glamorous graphics at all and of course it does not need it at all! The current visual style of the game, especially in the initial part, is exactly what created the scary and very impressive atmosphere, and the design of the same simple environments, especially the game’s combat space and the strange faces of the characters, is perfectly suited to this atmosphere and sound effects. They help a lot to make the effect of this atmosphere even stronger.

In general, Inscryption is one of those games that may be easily lost among other games due to the lack of special buzz around its release, but the fact is that Daniel Collins has created one of the most different games of 2021, which has a lot of potential to become a real work. Has an addictive; Especially if you are interested in card games, the appeal of the game will be doubled for you. So these days, when there is not much news about many games, give Inscryption a few hours so that maybe its magical world will catch you for a long time!

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