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The Gunk is one of those games that, despite new ideas, has failed to entertain the audience in the best possible way. Be with Zomji by reviewing this game.

Creativity is one of the things that keeps the video game industry alive, and standalone games are one of the ways in which independent developers can take risks and create a new product. Of course, sometimes innovation and the creation of a new experience do not fully guarantee the success of a work, and other factors, such as the way the elements are placed together, are also influential.

The Gunk game platforms

The game is good and attracts the player, but gradually loses its excitement and eventually regains its charm.

The Gunk, created by Image and Form Studios, is one of those creative games that looks fun, but also has issues that will affect your experience. The story of the game narrates the adventure of Renny and Beck. Two scavengers that receive mysterious signals from a planet and enter it with their spaceship. Rennie, led by the player, notices a great danger while exploring the game world, and now, with the help of his friend, he tries to eliminate it.

The story and narrative of the game has various ups and downs. The start of the game is good and attracts the player, but gradually loses its excitement and in the end, regains its charm. In general, The Gunk story is not something the audience wants to invest in and just experience The Gunk. Also, there is no special characterization for the game characters, and the production team has tried to keep the users interested in the story through gameplay.

The Gunk apocalyptic environment

However, The Gunk’s main problems are related to the gameplay. The structure of the game is such that players must use the suction device that Rennie has to destroy the Gunk and clear the game environment. In fact, Gunk is a contaminant that contaminates the game world and you have to clean it up to restore greenness and health to the environment. This will allow you to release materials and items that will help you progress on the planet.

The main problems of The Gunk are related to the gameplay

Therefore, the gameplay is always presented in a uniform structure. Usually in this game model, where you do only one thing from the beginning to the end of the game, a number of upgrades and side activities are included so that the player can make the game process somewhat out of uniformity. Now the development team has designed the scan feature in The Gunk. By scanning new items, you can earn special points, and when these points reach the desired level, you release new upgrades.

Destroy Gank in The Gunk

The intended upgrades, while not as diverse as they should be, may slightly alter the gameplay. For example, your sucker does not end with just sucking the Gunk, and you can change your combat system to some extent by firing, or sending drones to mislead them. On the other hand, exploring the game world and picking up new materials is another thing that shapes the gameplay. To release upgrades, you need to collect certain resources, so exploring the game world is valuable, and the reward is nothing but avoiding monotony.

The idea used in the gameplay is fascinating, but how to implement it requires more auxiliary elements to be able to entertain the audience as it should and maybe

However, the development team has tried to keep The Gunk gameplay away from monotony and repetition, but from the middle of the game onwards, The Gunk gameplay becomes quite uniform due to the design of repetitive puzzles and the same structure and repetitive structure of the game. While the idea behind the gameplay is appealing, the way it is implemented requires more auxiliary elements to keep the audience entertained as they should be. The game’s visual effects are at a good level for an independent game.

The Gunk game environments

Image and Form Studio has used fancy and colorful designs to visually attract the audience, but there are some things that bother you to some extent. The design of the game environments allows players to be constantly in a variety of environments, and although scuba diving or The Gunk platforming provides a good experience, the obstacles or even a few bass fights in the heart of the game could have been better designed.

The design of the game environments has caused the players to be constantly in various environments

The main problem of The Gunk in the design part is related to the game interfaces. The design of the animations of the characters in some of the interludes is something that is not done well and affects the player experience. Technically, The Gunk does not have a specific frame drop or bug, and users can gain a psychological experience in this area. Entering different environments, different music is played and its placement along with the variety of environments offers a relaxing feeling and mood.

Renny, Becky and their robot in The Gunk

In the end, The Gunk, despite its new ideas, is incapable of entertaining the user in the best possible way, but if you are looking for a new game these winter days that will keep you entertained for 6-7 hours, The Gunk It can be a good option.

The game has been reviewed according to the computer version

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