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Unpacking tells the story of furniture in an unusual way in video games. Be with the game review.

Moving from house to house is something that can happen many times during the life of every human being, and although the issue of moving furniture to a new place has its own pains, but this event is also considered as an adventure and can cause Be a new experience; Of course, this sometimes means leaving behind the memories that were created in the previous house. Unpacking game, made by Witch Beam studio, which was a good opportunity to explore the solitude these days, has touched on this category and has managed to become more than just a simple puzzle game.

Small room in the game Unpacking

The creators of Unpacking have introduced it as a puzzle game; But if on hearing this phrase your mind subconsciously goes to things like solving complex puzzles, let me say at the outset that Unpacking has no such intention at all. In fact, Unpacking, rather than challenging the mind of the audience and presenting complex puzzles, brings a kind of sweet and heartwarming peace of mind to the gamer, and of course, during this relaxing process, its story is similar to less in other games. Found, narrates.

In Unpacking, we are on the side of a character; A character whose face we do not see, whose name we do not know, and not even the slightest clue about his identity is given at the beginning of the game. The stages of the game take us to the houses where this person lived from 1997 to 2018, and our task as the audience is to accompany each time with the process of moving or, to be more precise, arranging his belongings in the new house. For this purpose, in any environment of the house, you will find a series of boxes that by clicking on them, one of the main character’s tools will be obtained and you must place it in a suitable place; The clothes that should be in the cupboards, the books that fit on the shelves, and the cooking and work utensils, each of which you can choose to your liking.

House Hall in the form of zoom out in the game Unpacking

The general process of the game is as simple as that, and on a completely superficial look, it is not limited to picking up household items. But if we go a little deeper into the game and its simple process, we will find the main purpose of Unpacking, which tries to tell us a story centered on this character through this seemingly simple arrangement of a person’s belongings in the new house. In this game, there is no news of dialogue or even text so that the creators can characterize or define the story; Rather, everything is hidden in the personal objects and equipment of a character so that the audience can think about them and understand the mysteries of this character’s life.

For example, it all starts in a small room; A room where the game’s character holds everything from a teddy bear to an old computer and a number of books. Going through this step, you will eventually reach a house where this character moves into a room with another person whose belongings have already been arranged, and then over time, these relocations will take you to other houses, each of which They are a leaf of this person’s life story. Further explanation of this will reveal the details of the story, which I do not intend to do, and will certainly ruin the enjoyment you get from the game, but let me also point out that the overall structure of each of the houses in which the game character lives is so carefully detailed. It is done so that you will understand in the best way what stage of this person’s life he is in now, and this is a reflection of the different stages of this person’s life with such delicacy that the audience will be able to communicate with him in the best way, and The life story of a person whose face we neither see nor even hear has a profound effect on the audience.

Kitchen in the game Unpacking

This feature of Unpacking is not limited to the houses themselves. For example, there are a series of objects among this person’s objects, as if they have hidden many stories of his character. For example, a teddy bear that is always with him at any stage of life; Or his interest in video games, which is also an interesting development, and while we first see the old consoles, we see over time that newer equipment has been added to this person’s gadgets, and the passage of time can be seen in this way. The design of the equipment perfectly shows the main character even in his old age. This can also be seen in relation to other characters with whom the game character becomes a homemaker during this timeline, and for example, at some point we are accompanied by a character who is very interested in flowers and plants. The fact that Unpacking has been able to give us interesting information about a person’s life through just popular objects, and sometimes even much better than a text-based story or image-based character, is another art to be admired.

I mentioned above that Unpacking is not so much about challenging the mind of its audience, and in this regard it does not place too much restriction on how you arrange the devices; Of course, as long as it is not illogical, for example, you can not put clothes in the kitchen or a pot in the closet! Of course, in this way, sometimes it is difficult to identify some objects, especially small objects, and this can be considered as one of the weaknesses of the game. But aside from that, my point in bringing the discussion here is that despite the game not focusing on providing challenging experiences and leaving the audience free to arrange, sometimes the game places a special emphasis on the location of a series of devices. And this is another of those tools of storytelling; For example, a special device that is normally thought to be in front of the eyes, must be hidden in a place to advance the stage, and through this one can understand the main character’s relationship with that device that he does not like to see constantly at this point in his life.

TV room in the game Unpacking

All of this goes hand in hand with the fact that the game, which started in the beginning without preamble, and may even create the misconception in our minds that we are experiencing a purely ordinary puzzle game, eventually becomes a diary of one’s life. Becoming an unseen and unfamiliar person can be empathizing with, and especially if you are constantly moving to new places for any reason, this connection will be much deeper. Unpacking, which, of course, was a longer experience and did not end too soon, went beyond a mere puzzle by setting aside all the usual storytelling tools in video games and telling the story through a person’s place of residence and the equipment he or she takes with him or her. And it leaves it simple and becomes one of the good surprises of 2021 in the field of storytelling, and it does so in a very relaxing atmosphere that brings a good feeling of a few hours to the audience.

Complementing this good feeling, of course, are the music and the designs that fit the overall mood of the game; In addition to the problem mentioned above in recognizing some small objects, the overall graphic style of the game and its designs are very appropriate, and in this way, the effect of the passage of time can be felt in the timeline in which the game story is told.

Workroom in the game Unpacking

In general, Unpacking is an independent game in which creative ideas can be found; Ideas not in the field of gameplay, but in terms of the type of storytelling and the same subject, turn the short game experience into a heartwarming and full of good feeling, and that is enough to offer the experience of this game safely. So if you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

The game review is based on the Xbox S series

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