Robert Pattinson comments on the quality of Batman’s previous films


In a new interview, Robert Pattinson praised all of Batman’s movies and said he did not think any of them were bad.

It’s been a long time since the release of The Batman movie Matt Reeves With art Robert Pattinson There is nothing left, and now, during the latest movie and TV news, the British actor has started praising Batman movies. “Pattinson says in an interview with Total Film Magazine about her personal interest in Bruce Wayne and watching Batman movies:

“Of all the comic book characters and movies made based on these characters, I’ve watched all the Batman-themed movies; I can not say such a thing for other superheroes. I was really looking forward to those movies and I was fascinated by them, and I still think to myself that none of these movies were bad, despite the fact that a lot of Batman-centric movies were made.

People do not like some of these movies. But those movies are not really bad. Those works really get what they want and are really interesting; Especially when we look at the time of production of these works. I really do not know. “I have a weird feeling about these movies and I always liked the Batman / Bruce Wayne character.”

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne at the funeral in The Batman

The famous British actor, from whom we have seen great performances in recent years, states that watching Batman movies has been one of the most important reasons for his interest in going to the cinema. Pattinson goes on to mention his choice to play Batman:

“I was at that time (when I was elected بن افلک To play the role of Batman, I was thinking of different goals. Playing Batman is one of the highlights of an actor’s career. I never thought I would even get close to doing this; Especially considering the roles I was interested in playing at the time. Over the years, the availability of the role has gone insane [بتمن] I was checking. Even my program managers asked me, oh, that’s very interesting, because we thought you were just interested in playing crazy, weird characters. “I used to tell them that Batman is a crazy and weird character!”

Batman, one of the most anticipated films of the year, will be released on March 4 (March 4) and will be available 46 days later on April 30, 1401 through the online network HBO Max.

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