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Rumble is Paramount’s latest attempt to enter the animation market, but has it been successful? Stay tuned with Zomji and critique of this animation.

Paramount has been trying to enter the animation market for the past few years, but if we factor in SpongeBob SquarePants, we have not seen much success from the studio. It’s been a while since the Rumble animation was aired on Paramount Plus. The story of the animation takes place in a city where the most important part of the history of the city is the stadium where the monsters fight.

Now they have found a new hero who betrays the people of the city on the day of his victory. The story is told from the point of view of a girl and a monster, whose fathers were once the unrepeatable myths of the city, and now they have to follow in the footsteps of their fathers.

Rumble animation

Rumble animation targets children from the very beginning

The subject of animation is not new at first glance, but since we did not have much sports animation, Rumble animation had a good opportunity to introduce itself as a successful work in this style of animation. But throughout the story, the Rumble animation strives to be a family and engaging work for children rather than a work that all age groups can enjoy. Of course, it is a good thing that the animation has set its goal from the very beginning and is moving towards it, but by choosing this path, the creators have eliminated most of the high potentials of animation.

Rumble could have avoided a bit of duplication by focusing more on a more original work, but the creators followed an easier path, resulting in a familiar story of the failure of the main characters from the beginning of the animation to the moment when everyone thinks everything is over. We see the defeat of the evil character of the story. Even the main character of the story is in fact a character that no one takes seriously and for years he only loses in wrestling competitions and in the end he wins in an unusual way. Maybe this monster is going to become the new hero of the city, contrary to his father’s path, but it does not make the animation itself a different effect.

Trapping monsters on the ropes of the racetrack in the Rumble animation

The design of monsters in Rumble animation is one of its best points

In general, one can not expect anything special in terms of story, and the animation does not tell a new story, and also its story is quite predictable. In general, the script never has a certain depth, and the animation is not supposed to have a specific meaning, and its only purpose is to entertain children, and it has undoubtedly reached that point. But animation works better, at least in the comedy section, and that makes it more appealing to children. But the action animation part could still be much better. Although the combination of comedy and action animation makes Rumble animation a relatively entertaining effect, if you are really looking for a full-blown monster battle, Rumble animation is definitely going to disappoint you.

In fact, the Rumble animated campaign is more a combination of comedy scenes with happy music, which creates a happy atmosphere for children, and at least this attractive atmosphere attracts them. But this does not mean that we should not ignore the lack of interesting battles between monsters and talk about its high potential. Of course, whenever we look at the targeting of a work, our expectations may be adjusted to it, and here we may not be able to fully object to this, but we have always had works whose sole purpose was not to present a disposable work, but only to comment. Attract the child to be forgotten soon after watching.

Monsters rehearsing in the Rumble animation

Rumble animation had the potential to become a successful sports animation, but it does not make good use of its potential.

Unfortunately, the Rumble animation is supposed to be such a work that it may be fun and entertaining for children to watch for the first time, but it is not a work that stays in the mind of a person, let alone goes back to it and watches it. But among the voice actors, we see the presence of Will Arendt in the role of Steve, the main monster, who apparently has not yet been able to distance himself from the voice of Bojek Horsman, and at first glance you will notice that the voices of these two characters are too similar. The same goes for Terry Cross, no matter if he is playing or voicing, his tone has not changed and he has only played a negative role here.

Of course, this problem goes back to the creators to the extent that they may even have asked such an issue from the animation sound engineers. However, this is true of most animated voice actors, and even Geraldine Wissonafen, the Viennese voice actor, has not done much special and different work, although he does not have much experience in this field. In general, the sound level of the animation is relatively average and superficial, and we do not see much sensitivity in the performances, and this has had a negative impact on the overall animation. But Rumble animation has its problems in other areas as well.

Evil shark character with octopus-like arms in the rumble animation

The design of the monsters in the Rumble animation is of good quality, and the creators have tried to give a good variety to the animated monsters, which, incidentally, their design has also improved the animation comedy. But this is not so much the case with human characters, and most characters are designed to be very simple and mundane. If we compare the Rumble animation with Paramount’s previous works such as the Wonder Park animation, we notice a significant decline in build quality, which in addition to the design, also reduces the quality of the animation itself. Wonder Park animation itself is known as a medium budget animation.

Of course, in general, the quality of Rumble animation may be good for a streaming service, but this animation was originally supposed to be released, and after the epidemic, the corona virus was spread on Paramount Plus. In any case, Rumble animation achieves its goal of entertaining children and young people and can satisfy this age group, but the animation eventually becomes a disposable and non-durable work, and unfortunately, to its full potential. Does not use. Also, Rumble animation is not going to be considered a successful Paramount effort, and this studio is still a long way from being among companies such as Disney, Universal and even Sony, and more efforts should be made to improve the quality of their animations, both in terms of production quality and quality. Screenplay and directing.

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