Rumor: Dragon Age 4 will not be released in 2022


Tom Henderson, a well-known video game insider, claimed that it is not possible to see the release of Dragon Edge 4 in 2022.

Electronic Arts has not yet announced the official release date of Dragon Age 4 for Beaver Studio. In the meantime recently Tom Henderson, A well-known insider and journalist, said that an informed source from EA’s plans told him that there was no chance of launching Dragon Edge 4 in 2022.

Dragon Age 4 game was introduced at the 2018 Game Awards ceremony. But even though we have seen some trailers of the work in question, we still do not even know its official and full name. None of the new Dragon Edge game trailers have included gameplay.

Some time ago, EA said that it does not expect to see Dragon Age 4 before the fiscal year 2023. It should be noted that the fiscal year 2023 of Electronic Arts actually begins on April 1, 2022 (April 12, 1401) and ends on March 31, 2023 (April 11, 1402). Some time ago Jeff Grubb He said that this fantasy RPG will be released in 2023.

Artistic image of Antivan Crows members in Dragon Age 4

Of course, gamers interested in BioWare Studio Dragon Age game series are not just waiting for the release of the effect. Because they are also waiting for the first real show of the new Dragon Age gameplay. Given that Beaver said in 2021 that he is working hard on the game and is very excited for 2022, we may see a full and detailed unveiling of Dragon Age 4 at EA Play Live this year, for example.

In any case, it seems that EA has at least two other big games for 2022, apart from annual and sports works. According to Tom Henderson in the latest game news, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 will be released by Response Entertainment Studios in the final quarter of 2022 and Criterion Games Studios’s new Need for Speed ​​game will be released in September or October 2022.

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