Rumor: Fortnite crossover with Uncharted in the near future


It has recently been rumored that a crossover will take place between Fortnite and Uncharted in Fortnite.

Over the past few years, the Fortnite team has added a number of well-known and lovable characters from various famous works to the game, including characters from the world of video games. Exclusive PlayStation game characters such as Eliz from Horizon Zero Dawn and Kritos from God of War have both joined the free Battle Royale shooter, and it looks like another PlayStation character will join them soon.

As reported by Egyptian_Leaker on Twitter, the challenge found in Fortnite files suggests that a crossover with Uncharted may be added to the game soon. This challenge requires players to find it using the Uncharted treasure map. In addition, it looks like two skins for male characters codenamed Sleek and a special background will be added to Fortnite, which may be related to Uncharted or Uncharted movie.

Trophy in Fortnite related to Uncharted

As you know, UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection has just been released for the PlayStation 5 and the movie Uncharted will be released soon. So doing a promotional crossover with Fortnite will not be at all surprising. However, if we are really going to see the Uncharted and Fortnite crossover in Fortnite, we will get an official announcement soon.

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