Rumor: Making some PlayStation games by the creator of The Dark Pictures series


According to a Twitter user, Supercave Games Studio is making some exclusive and unannounced games for the PlayStation.

According to new game news, Twitter user Robert Serrano recently claimed that Supermassive Games Studio, the creator of the horror game series The Dark Pictures Anthology, is making some exclusive and unannounced games for the PlayStation platform. “This independent, BAFTA-winning studio is probably ready to unveil one of these games in 2022,” he said. Serrano may not be considered a credible whistleblower, which is why we’s better not to take his new claim seriously for now.

Of course, if this issue comes out right, it could be great news for PlayStation fans. Supercave Games is currently working on The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me, the fourth and final installment in the Dark Pictures series; The work is set to be released on Xbox and PC in addition to the PlayStation. If the British studio is going to make an exclusive game for the PlayStation, it may deliver a horror effect to the users of this platform, because it is well acquainted with the horror genre and has a long history of making such works.

There is another possibility, and that is that Supercave Games is working on a new game for the PSVR2 virtual reality headset that was recently introduced by Sony. The reason for this possibility is that the studio had previously made and released the virtual reality game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood exclusively for the PlayStation VR headset. In any case, it remains to be seen whether Supercive Games will unveil its exclusive game (or games) at upcoming PlayStation events, or whether this is fundamentally untrue.

What do you think about Zomji users? How many exclusive games do you think Supermassive Games will produce for the PlayStation?

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