Rumor: Quantum Dream made a medieval game


An insider says that Quantum Dream, in addition to Star Wars Eclipse, is building a great game based on one of its old demos, which has a wizarding and medieval atmosphere.

A Twitter user named AccNgT posted screenshots of the game just days before Quantic Dream Studios officially unveiled Star War Eclipse at Game Awards. The user has now claimed that Quantum Dream, in addition to the new Star Wars game, is working on another game that is apparently being made by the studio’s main team in Paris. He says that this AAA game is actually going to be developed based on the technical demo of The Dark Sorcerer. Quantum Dream aired this demo during E3 2013 for the PlayStation 4 console.

AccNgt says that the new Quantum Dream game, just like its demo, has a fantasy, medieval and humorous atmosphere, and its development has been more advanced than Quantum Dream. The user also points out that Quantum Dream is currently planning to make the game intergenerational. However, this may change in the future and the game will be released only for ninth generation consoles and PC. In addition, the story itself David Cage, The founder of Quantum Dream is written and has a non-linear narrative.

Technical demo of The Dark Sorcerer from Quantic Dream studio

At the beginning of The Dark Sorcerer demo, we see that a wizard is running words related to black magic. After a while, we find out from the video that the wizard is not in a medieval and scary environment, but on the set of a movie and is playing his role. After that, for most of the video, we see that a series of strange and supernatural creatures play the role of wizards, and the video space takes on a comedic state. You can watch the technical demo of The Dark Sorcerer on YouTube.

It is interesting to know that Detroit: Become Human, the latest work of Quantum Dream Studio, was originally a technical demo called Kara. Kara is an intelligent robot and one of the main characters in the Detroit game, and in the demo we see that the robotic arms are assembling his various parts and he is talking to the viewer at the same time. Given Quatik Dream’s history in this regard, it can be said that another game based on a technical demo in this French studio seems likely.

Quantum Dream Studio logo

Tom Henderson, The well-known game industry insider recently claimed that Star Wars Eclipse is at least 3 to 4 years away from release, because Quantum Dream is struggling with various issues to make this game. He points out that Quantum Dream has struggled to hire new gamers because the studio has been embroiled in controversial allegations over the past few years; The charges are reportedly against the studio and its top executives, including David Cage, for having a toxic work environment and fringe issues.

This insider mentions the Quantum Dream game engine as one of the things that has made it very difficult to build Star Wars Eclipse, because this engine is apparently not suitable for building open world works and can only process a limited number of NPCs in the game environment. Only small steps can be designed. Henderson also says that not only the storyline, but also the multiplayer part of the game has been problematic.

What do Zomji users think about making a game based on The Dark Sorcerer technical demo? Share your comments with us.

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