Rumor: The original Final Fantasy games will not be released on the Xbox in the 9th generation


VGC author Jordan Midler recently claimed that the original Final Fantasy versions would not be available for the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series.

According to a new report, Sony wants to have a deep connection in the 9th generation PlayStation and Final Fantasy. The first games in the Final Fantasy series were made available to gamers on Nintendo platforms. But since the release of the PlayStation 1 and Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix, the creator and publisher of the Final Fantasy series, has entered into a serious partnership with Sony. From that day on, we saw the release of the original versions of this collection on Sony consoles. With the release of Final Fantasy 13 on the Xbox 360, the Final Fantasy suite became a multi-platform suite whose console versions were no longer exclusive to Sony platforms.

Now it seems that with the entry of the ninth generation, we will not see the release of the main episodes of Final Fantasy for all consoles. Jordan Midler VGC media on ResetEra claims that Xbox users should not expect to see the original versions of the series on their favorite platform. He noted that Square Enix “has a better relationship with Sony than people think.”

That’s why Sony wants the PlayStation to be the platform and home of the Final Fantasy Collection in this generation. So, according to him, if nothing new and special happens in this regard, the original versions of this series will not be released for Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series. Midler further noted that Square Enix is ​​still eager to release its games for the PC platform, and in the future, we will see more time-exclusive games.

Looking back, Bravely Default 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which were time-exclusive, were also released for PC. But the PC port of the remake of Final Fantasy 7 had its problems. On the other hand, Forspoken will be available to PS5 and PC platform players on the day of release, and the console version will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for at least two years. Regardless of whether this claim is true or false, Final Fantasy 7 Remic is still exclusive to the PlayStation console, and even Final Fantasy 16 is released exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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