Rust sold more than 12 million copies


studio Facepunch, the creator of Rust, announced that the game has sold more than 12 million copies.

If you’re interested in sandbox-based online games, you’ve probably heard the name Rust; Products that users can experience individually or with friends and have fun moments. From building a base and smashing various objects with stones to talking to other users to avoid being killed are some of the things that have kept Rust users busy.

Recently, during the summing up of its performance in 2021, Rust, the maker of Face Punch Studios, announced that the game had sold more than 12 million copies. More precisely, Rust has sold 12481079 copies since its release today.

“2021 was a special year for Rust,” says the production team. After eight years of continuous support for Rust, the game is still going strong. In 2021, the game was able to perform very well on Twitch, and we saw a record number of simultaneous players, we released the Voice Props Pack, changes were made to the game world, and we saw other things like missions, underwater labs and submarines. ยป.

Interestingly, the Voice Props Pack, which includes things like a big phone to shoot other players, a tape recorder, a microphone stand, an old cell phone, and a variety of other content, is known as the Rust best-selling add-on pack.

Finally, it is specified that every Thursday, every month, we will see an update for the game Rust. During these updates, some of the game’s problems will be fixed and various events will be provided to users along with new content. In February, the right game update will be available to improve the quality of the game, and we also see an Arctic Monument that is under development. “In addition to the release of new Monuments, this year players can look forward to the release of new weapons, deployable items, events, new weapons, new animals, and more,” the development team said.

What do you think about Zomji users? Have you experienced the game Rust?

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