Sales of 6.5 million copies of Pokemon Legends: Arceus in one week


Pokemon Legends: Arceus set a new sales record in the first week of release, surpassing previous games in the series.

Just a week has passed since the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus Game Freak Studio, but this role-playing action game has achieved significant sales in such a short time. In the latest game news, the US branch of Nintendo released a tweet announcing that the game’s sales exceeded 6.5 million copies. It was previously announced that Pokemon Legends: Arceus had sold more than 1.4 million copies in Japan in its first three days.

By comparison, Pokemon Sword and Shield sold more than 6 million copies in its first week of release, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl sold 6 million copies in the same period. It should be noted that each of these works basically allowed players to experience two games, and their sales are combined. But Pokemon Legends: Arceus contained only one version, and still managed to get sales in their first week of release.

It’s still unclear what Pokemon Legends: Arceus will look like in the future. Recent rumors suggest that a new add-on package for this action-packed action game will be released in April 2022. Of course, this has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo or Game Freak Studios, and we will have to wait longer for official information to be released.

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