Sales of one million Xbox S Series and Xbox X Series in the UK


Total sales of Microsoft’s Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series in the UK reached one million consoles.

Although Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console of the end of 2021 in the UK market, December became the best-selling month of the Xbox X Series | The Xbox S Series has hit this market to date. In fact, there was no other month in which the total sales of the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series during that period exceeded the sales of these consoles in December 2021.

As a result, total sales of the Xbox X Series and Xbox S Series have reached one million consoles since their launch in the UK market by the end of December 2021. The British people bought around 560,000 games for different platforms this month, spending around میلیون 200 million.

Both Sony and Microsoft now have 9th generation consoles that have sold more than one million units in the UK. A few months ago, with the release of the financial report for August 2021, it became clear that sales of the PlayStation 5 in the UK exceeded one million consoles in a record-breaking pace in 39 weeks.

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