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The Seal Team animation shows that when an entertaining product knows what viewers it is made for, it can at least achieve its simple goal.

Seal Team animation has no effect on the adult audience. But it is clear that the development team knew this and focused on providing disposable entertainment to the child audience.

Animals can always be some of the most lovable characters for kids in the world of movie and TV animation. Because sometimes animations give these creatures, whose real life may be too strange and not so fascinating in the child’s mind, human character, and in this way, they succeed in telling a simple and at the same time lovable story to the target audience. A very familiar story that can perhaps be told in a normal, multi-teen-centered urban setting, suddenly on the ocean floor and centered on a few jaws, can truly illustrate a new world for the child.

Of course, the same work is done on different artistic levels, and for example, in the hands of Pixar artists, it could create works worthy of attention for all kinds of spectators. But in a world where many of the animations do not even understand who they were made for and for what purpose, works like Netflix’s Seal Team animation seem simple and unpretentious enough.

The similarity of the story to similar examples, the considerable distance between the technical quality of the animation and the best works of the day, the failure of the work in the characterization, the remarkable characterization of the characters and of course the lack of sequences including exciting and eye-catching animation are some of the Reduce. In fact, the Seal Team has nothing to say to an audience that only follows animated cinema for superior experiences. But the construction team knows this. Seal Team does not fail to achieve its goal; Not because it can be considered a great animation. But because with all the weaknesses, he has chosen a logical and achievable goal.

Damaged ship and sharks in Netflix Seal Team animation

Seal Team animation from the beginning to the end is made only to provide healthy and acceptable disposable entertainment to the child audience. The production team accepts this fact from all angles. Therefore, there is no subject in the script that is difficult for young audiences to understand or there is no complex message that the simplicity of the work causes the wrong transmission to the child’s mind.

Each character’s jokes, struggles, and even decisions are shaped by the fact that what audience is going to watch the Seal Team animation. As a result, we do not see the formation of a work full of annoying contradictions that can not be offered to any audience. The self-awareness of the creators of Seal Team causes the viewer to quickly determine whether he is in the audience of this animation or not.

Geraldo and the Dangerous Crab in the Netflix Seal Team animation

What is the story about? A few funny jaws that are afraid of sharks and do not easily find the right food in the ocean. But the characters’ efforts to get along with each other cause them to make plans for success. Step by step, they have a better chance of defeating the enemy and achieving a better life. In the meantime, fortunately, the simplicity of the work has not caused the story not to challenge them in some parts.

The importance of teamwork and helping each other, while it seems a very simple matter, is an undeniable moral value that its placement in the text of this animation still increases its value for the child’s audience. Because the characters lose some things and achieve some success without making the story too bitter. They are challenged several times before winning, and this, at least in the eyes of the target audience, gives real value to their efforts. Characters like جرالدو In such a work, he is not going to face great personality traits. But it experiences the right changes that are understandable to children and, more importantly, can convey the right message.

Neon lights and headphones in the Netflix Seal Team animation

Apart from the multi-line storytelling of the film, which thanks to the general variety of characters can make it a fascinating work for children, jokes have also contributed to the overall experience. Greg Cameron And Kane Crouds, as directors, may not have been able to produce a new work, but they understood the creation of appropriate funny situations, and they also understood the context for achieving hilarious moments.

For example, the use of a small sea creature as a weapon, the jaws, expand several times and put a smile on the lips of the audience. Because the creator has been successful in presenting the jokes step by step and stacked them. The colors, both when the animation suddenly turns black and white and when we step into a neon-lit environment, show that the Seal Team animation paid minimal but essential attention to “visual diversity” and “physical and dialogue-oriented jokes.”

Made with a team from South Africa, this animation does not do any of the above at a level that has a special achievement or can be praised in a special way. But the constructive disregard for the principles in question means that if you look for an animation for children in the works of the day, it can satisfy many of them to watch at once. Only when an animation does not want to perform a work larger than itself does it seem easier to accept the identity of its reality.

Smoking guinea pig falling into the water in the Seal Team animation

The sum of all this is that the Seal Team animation sounds good جی. کی. Simons Quickly manages to shape his motifs and introduce them to children; Patterns that are likely to grab the child’s attention quickly appear entertaining enough several times and work in the best moments that the least tolerable for an adult with a child is unbearable.

From the funny songs of the jaws with repetitive sounds to their tiredness from eating the ugly oyster, the target audience of the animation of the jaw team laughs many times.

Online networks now have an incredible increase in the number of new works each year, and when you increase the quantity so much, it seems almost impossible not to lose quality. As a result, in addition to a few notable works, a myriad of invisible works are created, created just to make the whole service look bigger.

So when it comes to a work that knows from the beginning to the end what it intends to do for which audience, at least it has done its service to that online network properly. Seal Team seems more trivial than that, the long explanation of its story and visual shortcomings can be considered as nothing but talkative. As a result, as it turns out, we’re just asking ourselves, who might want to watch it for once? The answer seems obvious; children. How good it was that the creator made all the minutes of the animation with 100% attention to it being watched by the same children.

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