Security bug for Intel processors Half of AMD 2021 statistics


A new Intel report on security vulnerabilities in the company’s processors shows that the number of security bugs in AMD chips is twice the number recorded in the company’s products.

It seems that Intel’s competitive stance against AMD has recently increased. In its latest critical statement against AMD, the Blue Team released a report showing that a total of 16 security vulnerabilities were identified in connection with Intel processors over the past year, which is about half of the 31 bugs in AMD chips in the same period. Intel, on the other hand, has GPU security bugs It is more vulnerable than its rival, but in this regard as well Blame AMD.

The security report for Intel products will begin in 2021 with reference to the company’s efforts to reduce the security problems of Intel processors by 50%. Of the 226 security vulnerabilities in the Intel ecosystem, 113 (equivalent to 50%) were reported by in-house employees and 97 (equivalent to 43%) were reported by users through the bug detection reward program.

In part of this report, a comparison of the performance of Intel and AMD In terms of the number of common vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerabilities) and software coding errors that allow an attacker to access a user’s system or network. Of the 16 vulnerabilities recorded in Intel CPUs, 10 were discovered by the company’s experts and the other 6 were obtained through user reports. AMD, on the other hand, has registered a total of 31 vulnerabilities in its processors, all of which have been detected and investigated through external research.

Compare Intel and AMD security bug statistics on different processors

But Intel is far more vulnerable to GPUs than AMD And during this period, 51 cases of security bugs have been confirmed. Fifteen of these problems have been discovered by insiders and another 36 through awards. On the opposite side AMD has only 27 security vulnerabilities, but Intel has its reasons for doing so. Apparently CVE INTEL-SA-00481 statistics For processors Intel Core Shows 23 of the security bugs of Intel chips from graphics Radeon RX Vega M They originate.

website Tom’s Hardware Announced that apparently this statistic to processors Intel Kaby Lake-G, which combines Intel’s eighth-generation processors with AMD’s Radeon Vega GPUs to form a single silicon. This combination in various products such as Hades Canyon and Dell XPS 15 Is used.

Source of security vulnerabilities for Intel processors in 2021

Intel has also announced that AMD will have no CVE reports in 2021 Has not published through its internal research and all information obtained has been obtained through external research.

Last week, Intel unveiled a big reward program to discover its bug by hiring a talented group of elite hackers called Project Circuit Breaker Expanded. In addition, Pat Glesinger, the company’s CEO, recently made a derogatory statement that AMD has followed in the footsteps of Intel in the “rearview mirror” of Alderlik processors.

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