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Sega registered the Sega NFT trademark

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Revealed images show Sega brand and Sega NFT logo and Sega Classics NFT Collection Has been registered for activities in the field of NFT.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post What will it look like; While the company last year a lot of enthusiasm to work in the field Irrevocable tokens showed up, but recently their excitement seemed to have subsided to a great extent. But behind-the-scenes policies and decisions are underway, and the registration of the company’s new trademark and logos suggests that the new Sega NFT project is likely is named.

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Sega first showed interest in joining the NFT and the blockchain last year in April; With the unveiling of a partnership agreement with the Japanese company Double Jump Tokyo, from its plans to sell art, music and similar items of Sega classic and new works in the form of NFT Discovered. He then reiterated his enthusiastic stance at an investor meeting in November.

Since then, Sega’s approach to non-tradable goods has seemed to have changed. Sega CEO Haruki Satomi explained last week that the company is still working on NFT. He is enthusiastic, but he is aware of the negative reaction of the audience to this technology and he closely monitors his future decisions. In part of his speech, he says:

“We have to look at a lot of things carefully. First, how can we reduce negative audience feedback on NFT and blockchain technology? Or to what extent can these concepts be applied to the rules of Japanese society? In fact, before making any decision, one must see what is accepted by users and what is unacceptable. “It remains to be seen whether these concepts will lead to the achievement of our eternal goal of ‘continuous creativity and lasting appeal’, or whether they are the only simple way to make money, in which case we will decide not to go any further.”

Despite Satomi’s cautious remarks about NFT, Sega is still trying to set the stage for action if the company’s overall approach changes. For this reason, it pursues its legal functions such as trademark registration and other legal requirements in the Japan Patent Office.

The file, filed for registration in December last year, includes two trademarks of Sega’s potential NFT activities. One of these is the Sega Classics NFT Collection and the other They are called Sega NFT. Both brands come with a prototype of a possible logo, which can be seen below.

Sega is certainly not the only company in the video game industry interested in working on this new technology. For example, Ubisoft recently introduced a complete NFT-based blockchain platform called Quartz. Or Konami, an NFT pixel design for the 35th anniversary of Castlevania Has released this game with exclusive music. On the other hand, Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix In his recent remarks, the company is interested in entering the field NFT and blockchain have spoken and believe that this technology will become a major trend in the gaming industry.

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