Selected director of Red Notice to make the series Dungeons and Dragons

Rawson Marshall Terber writes and directs the live-action series Dungeons and Dragons for eOne.

In the latest movie and TV news, we learned that Entertainment One has found the director of the series Dungeons and Dragons. Rawson Marshall Terber, Writer and director of Red Notice has signed a contract to adapt the popular role-playing game.

A cinematic adaptation of the Dungeons and Dragons game series is also under construction by Paramount Pictures, Hasbro and Ivan, with the helm in hand. Jonathan Goldstein And John Francis Daly Is located and recently its production process was successfully completed. EOne company before Drake Colstad, The creator of the John Wick movie series, planned to produce the D&D series. Now the series that Rawson Marshall Treber is working on will be the most significant project in the world of possible television Dungeons and Dragons.

Hasbro, which acquired Entertainment One in 2019, is determined to produce film and television adaptations using its own collections. EOne is working on a TV adaptation of the strategy game Risk with Dungeons and Dragons. Bo Williman, The creator of the House of Cards series is being developed. Darren TropIn August, the company’s CEO told investors that he was working on producing more than 30 film and television adaptations of the Hasbro series.

Game Dungeons and Dragons

Rawson Marshall Terber has been selected as the writer, director and executive producer of the pilot episode of Dungeons and Dragons. The 46-year-old filmmaker directed Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, We’re the Millers, and Central Intelligence. And he has the movie Skyscraper in his repertoire.

Rawson Marshall Treber’s television work also includes Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television for YouTube and directing a number of episodes of NBC’s Marry Me and The Loop. ) Pointed out the Fox network. The release date of Dungeons and Dragons is currently unknown, but its cinematic adaptation will hit the silver screens of cinemas on March 3, 2023 (March 12, 1401).

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