Selling stolen graphics cards EVGA RTX 30 in Vietnam


A new media report shows a number of EVGA GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards Which was stolen in the United States a few months ago, is now found in a store in Vietnam.

If you recall, it was about two months ago that a truck carrying several EVGA RTX 3000 graphics cards traveling from San Francisco to the company’s distribution center in Southern California was attacked by thieves. The theft took place on October 29, by Jacob Freeman, EVGA Product Manager Also confirmed. It now appears that the cards came from a store in Vietnam that had already made headlines. This store is actually the retailer that sells images of the use of very rare models of graphics and gaming cards in special mining systems.

Graphics cards stolen in the robbery cost between $ 330 and $ 1,960 in the open market, making them difficult to access in many parts of the world due to the poor state of the hardware market. It is said that this store sells the mentioned graphics cards with a limited 1-month warranty and at a lower price. This seems to be the case for cards that entered Vietnam through unofficial routes.

One of the users who has two RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards Purchased from this source, claiming that after checking the serial number of his graphics card to ensure the guarantee of the purchase of goods, with a message on the official website EVGA It has been reported that these products are stolen. The text of the message reads: “A shipment of secret graphics cards EVGA GeForce RTX-30 It was stolen on October 29, 2021 on the way to the transfer. “The serial number you entered belongs to one of these products.”

EVGA stolen graphics cards in Vietnam

Pictures of stolen RTX 30 graphics cards in Vietnam

As you can see, a very strange situation has arisen for these graphics cards, and it remains to be seen what will ultimately be the fate of these products and buyers who were unaware of their nature. Especially since their supplier store is by no means a small local retailer and has a great reputation in Vietnam. Although the buyers of these cards should normally get them to EVGA They return, but it seems unlikely that they would accept both the risk of losing money and the chance of having these expensive and rare cards.

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