Separation of the founder and director of Playground Games from Forza and Fable


PlayGrand Games director Gavin Riburn (developer of Fable game and Forza Horizon game series) left the company.

In the latest game news, we learned that Gwyn Reburn, Founder and director of Playground Games Studios, which released Forza Horizon 5 in November, is leaving PlayGrand Games. As GameSpot Media reported, Assassination of Williams, Replaced by CEO and co-founder of PlayGrand Games Studio.

Alan Hartmann“Gwen Ribberne is stepping down as director of PlayGrand Games Studio after 12 years of working on five Forza Horizon Award-winning games,” Microsoft CEO told Windows Central Media. “We thank Gavin, one of the founders of Playground Games, for his guidance and contributions to the Forteza Horizon game series, and wish him all the best for the future.”

Hartman said Playground Games will focus on providing more updates to Forza Horizon 5 and developing a new Fable; A work about which not much information is available. Gavin Riburn worked for Codemasters for 24 years before founding PlayGrand Games Studio in 2009 and has been working for Forza Horizon for 12 years. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Gavin Riburn, founder and director of Playground Games Studio

PlayGrand Games opened its second studio months ago, with apparently 200 developers working on Fable. Gwyn Ribbern leaves Playground Games at its peak. Forza Horizon 5 was critically acclaimed and set new records for the Xbox.

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