Serious drop in remastered three GTA remastered games


GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition just two weeks after the release of the physical version, is nowhere in the top 40 of the UK weekly sales chart.

It was in November that the GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition game was released digitally. The physical version was also available for the PlayStation and Xbox before Christmas so that users could experience a remaster of three of the best Grand Theft Cars on offer. We now know that the drop in sales of physical versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been serious, at least in the UK. The physical version of the Nintendo Switch will be available at another time.

According to recent Gfk reports, GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition dropped out of the top 40 weekly sales charts in the UK; That is two weeks after the release of the physical version. One of the reasons for this is the very poor performance of this remaster at the time of its release, which was met with very negative reviews. At the beginning and after the first week of the physical version release, we saw a 70% drop in sales of this collection and being ranked 23rd, and after two weeks, it has been completely removed from the UK chart.

Interestingly, GTA V is still on the UK charts after almost a decade, and remasters such as Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater are still on the charts. Perhaps the better performance of GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition could have kept this remaster on the UK charts, but now we see that this game is among the worst games reviewed in 2021 from a metacritical point of view.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Rockstar Games is working on GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition issues. The company said that over time, it will solve the problems of each of the three games in this collection separately so that the remasters can provide a good experience for users.

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