Set a new record in the number of PS Plus service subscribers


The PlayStation Plus service, with its growing trend compared to last year, reached 48 million active members, which is the highest record recorded by this Sony service.

According to the latest statistics provided by Sony executives, the PlayStation Plus set a new record for the number of active subscribers on the PS4 and PS5 consoles. It has reached 48 million users by December 31, 2021. This is the highest record that PS Plus has ever achieved, and is a small increase compared to the 47.6 million members who served in the service at the same time last year.

It is possible that the number of PS Plus service members will slightly decrease in the coming period with the current trend, but Sony hopes to even expand the Spartacus project, which is known as the rival of Xbox GamePas. Achieve higher goals.

PS Plus service and dual sense controller

It should be noted that despite the worrying circumstances that sometimes threaten Sony, the statistics show a bright future for this Japanese company. Despite the many constraints that challenge the maximum supply of PS5 consoles, the PlayStation division, with revenue of $ 7.15 billion, has experienced the second-highest business season in Sony history, ranking first in terms of operating revenue in the top quarters of the year. The length of the holiday season.

So in general it can be said that despite all the concerns and criticisms that are sometimes leveled at Sony, the company is still in its strongest position in the competitive market. Therefore, it remains to be seen how this lead will be challenged in the coming years with competitors that are growing and developing day by day.

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